Swim Longer With A Swimming Pool Heater!

masterReady to enjoy September in your pool? If you would like to enjoy your pool now until November, simply add on a pool heater and get ready to swim for a few more months! Why not get the most time out of your backyard investment?!

Types of Pool Heaters

Pool heaters can either be run by propane (LP) or Natural Gas. Efficiency rates will be similar between the two, it is simply user preference or ease of accessibility to what you have currently at your location. Solar heaters have been tested in our Midwest climate and unfortunately do not produce enough benefits of heat gain to make them efficient. Heat pumps are also available which are extremely economical to run, however initially the cost is much greater.


If you would like to tee your pool heater into your existing LP or Natural Gas line, your gas provider can take care of that for you! If you wish to use LP but are not currently set up on LP, you can contact a gas provider and rent or purchase a propane tank to be used strictly for the pool heater (Recommendation: At least 100 lb LP tank). All gas lines need to be run by a licensed gas company.

Length of season

With a pool heater, you can normally expand your swimming season at least 3 additional months! Start swimming around the first of April all the way through November! Our normal swim season is usually June – September. Who wouldn’t want to swim at least 6 months out of the year!

Cost of Operation

There are a lot of factors that go into the overall cost of heating the pool – the ambient temperature outside, the desired temperature of the pool, amount of shade/sun where pool is located, night time temperature, etc.

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