Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Test Kit & Test Strips – Keep It Accurate

Your swimming pool or hot tub water is properly sanitized. Without an accurate reading, you will not know where your sanitizer and pH levels are at, which could possibly lead you to add the incorrect chemicals.


Check the date

Test strips will have a date stamped on the bottles that indicates they are good until this printed date. If your test strips have expired, it is recommended to dis-continue using them and pick up some fresh ones. If you have a liquid test kit, the bottles in those kits last 1 year from purchase (regardless of how often the kit is used). Aqua Palace can assist you with the last date that your liquid test kit was purchased if you need assistance. The bottles can be replaced individually or you can purchase a complete kit if you would like a new vial.


Proper Use

Test strips should be dipped into the water (do swirling action is needed) and pull out within 5 secs and color matched to the back of the test strip bottle. Test strip pads will change quickly and can give you a false reading if they are not read right away.

A liquid test kit is used by removing the cap at the top, dipping it into the water and filling both vials to the light black line at the top. Shake out any excess water so it is equal with the light black line. On the chlorine side (left hand side if using a Taylor test kit) add 5 drops of the reagent R-0001 and 5 drops of the reagent R-0002. For the pH side, add 5 drops of the reagent R-0014. Now take your readings by placing the caps back on the top, inverting the vial a few times to mix the solution well, and then hold up to natural light. Match up the colors to find your current levels.


Correct Ranges

Regardless if you are using the test strip or the test kit – it is important to know the correct ranges that you are wanting your swimming pool or hot tub water to be maintained at. Your pH should be as close to 7.5 as possible, Alkalinity should be between 80-120 ppm and your chlorine should be between 1-3 ppm. If your pH is reading low, you will need to add a pH up or increase product. If your pH is reading high, you will need to add a pH down or decrease product. If your chlorine level is showing low, you will need to add additional chlorine or increase your automatic feeder system. If your chlorine reading is high and you have not recently shocked it, simply give it some time and do not add any additional chlorine for a day or two until the level has come back down.

****It is important to not store your test strips or test kit outdoors at any time for any reason. Also do not leave them in direct sunlight or they may read inaccurately****

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