The Top 5 Tips on Using a Omaha Hot Tub to Get Over a Cold!

Hot Tub in Omaha It’s that time of year again, where the colds, viruses, and bacteria’s run rampant through our neighborhoods and families like the plaque. Here at Aqua Palace, we understand that taking care of oneself is key to getting over any cold, but there are less known ways to help speed up the process. At Aqua Palace Spas and Pools we have put together the Top 5 ways that your Omaha hot tub can help you get over that cold faster getting you back to your normal life!

#1 – Better Sleep!

Most people don’t sleep well while being sick, this is a known fact. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching the same re-runs over and over, take a dip in your hot tub!  A hot tub will help to relax your muscles, which are strained when your body is fighting off a bacteria or virus. Helping your muscles relax in a soothing way will  allow you to drift off to sleep with ease. Don’t have a hot tub? No worries, come visit the Omaha hot tub and spa specialist Aqua Palace. We have hot tub selections for every family!

#2 –Don’t sit on the couch, soak in the hot tub!

Studies have shown, nobody benefits from sitting on the couch when your healthy, let alone when you’re sick! So why do we continue to sit there with heavy eyes that won’t fall? Humans have been trained to “stick it out on the couch” when they are sick, but it’s NOT TRUE! Get up….and get in your hot tub! Just the fact alone of being in the hot water provides so much healing as it increases your body temperature, which helps to fight off the bacteria at hand. The therapy session that you will receive set aside, just the fact of being submersed in the hot water has TONS of benefits by itself! And why not get a massage while you’re at it?

#3 – Stay Hydrated!

I’m sure you remember your mother refilling your cup hundreds of times each day you were home from school sick when you were a kid, while exclaiming “You need to drink more, make sure you finish all of this!” Well, as they say, mom is always right, and she nailed it on the head again. Staying hydrated is extremely important every single day and even more so when you are sick! When soaking in your Omaha hot tub, you also will sweat and perspire several ounces for each 10 minutes that you soak. This means you will need to drink even more during your soak and after, then you have been drinking prior. This will help replenish what you have sweated out in the hot tub. Grossed out? It happens every time you soak, not just when you are sick. On a Marquis Spa though, our Constant Clear filtration system will start to immediately pull those particles out of the water and store them in the filter.

#4– Hot Water Will Cure Aches!

The aches and pains that go along with a cold are sometimes unbearable. Sitting on the couch will NEVER provide you with the relief from all these aches, but a hot tub sure can! A recommended soak time is between 15 and 20 minutes per soak. During this time, you are able to move around into the different seating positions in your hot tub, which provide you a unique cluster of core muscles that it targets in each seat. By the time you are ready to get out, you will be able to move around into all of the seating positions and receive the full massage that your spa has to offer! This will make you totally calm and relaxed and will allow you to overcome your cold much faster.

#5 – Use Eucalyptus & Peppermint!

These two fragrances are the most widely used in the world to help overcome sinus and cold issues. Many medications contain one or both of these in them to open up your sinuses and provide instant relief. You can use these two fragrances in your hot tub as well, just a small capful or two each time you use the spa through-out the course of your cold. It will combine with the steam that is being released off the surface of the water and provide instant relief for your sore nose!

Check out our extended posts as we dig into each of these top 5 tips more! Call Aqua Palace Today (712) 329-4180! Aqua Palace the only Marquis dealer in the Omaha Metro area, and is passionate about selling and installing pools (above ground or inground), spas, hot tubs and saunas. Specializing in what they do best, Aqua Palace will give you the best classic hot tub in Omaha! Stop in and experience the largest pool and spa interactive showroom east of the continental divide. Aqua Palace has been offering superior products, such as Marquis in addition to hot tub accessories since 1984. Family Owned and Operated and good at what they do, Aqua Palace carries only superior products!


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