Top 5 Aboveground Winter Closing Tips to Properly Close Down Your Pool


  1. Don’t Close TOO early!

One of the most important factors when it comes to properly closing your aboveground pool is to NOT close the pool too early. September has arrived and the kids are all back in school, the outside temperatures have dropped significantly and the pool may not get used much now. Even if you are not planning on swimming in it, for one reason or another, it is recommended to wait to close down the pool until the outside high’s are in the 50’s. This could mean leaving the pool open for an additional month or more.

  1. Make sure Water Balance Is In Check

Always make sure that the pH is within 7.2-7.4 and that the chlorine reading is between 2-4 ppm prior to adding your winterization chemicals. Having these in the proper parameters will also help in keeping the pool clean & clear until Spring. Chlorine that is too low over the winter will cause algae and bacteria to form potentially before the pool even freezes. If the chorine is too high, it could stain the pool liner over the winter and deteriorate your winter cover. If the pH is too high, it can cause calcium to form all over the liner which is hard to remove. If the pH is too low, it will start to wear and eat away at your pool liner and winter cover.

  1. Add Proper Winter Chemicals

We make it easy, convenient and cost effective to winterize your pool with one of our Winterization Kits! These kits include: Non Chlorine Shock, Metal & Calcium Control and Winter Algaecide. The combination of these chemicals, along with the rest of these steps, will help insure the pool remains clear and free from algae and bacteria. These chemicals are really designed to last the short period of time from when the pool is closed until the water freezes, locking in and suspending the chemicals until Spring. When the temps rise and the pool starts to thaw, the remaining strength of the products will be released and active again to keep the water clear for a short period of time before opening. Closing too early in the fall or opening too late in the spring will most likely cause a green or cloudy pool. Prevention is key!

  1. Insure Pool Is Free of Dirt & Debris

It’s very important to remove all debris in the pool and make sure the filer is backwashed or rinsed out properly before winterization. Any debris left in the pool is food for algae and bacteria to feed on. If you remove all of the debris from the pool, along with the rest of these steps, the probability of opening up a crystal clear pool in the spring is pretty high!

  1. Finishing touches

The final step is to secure the winter cover over the pool, once you have completed all of the proper winterization steps. Make sure the cover is the proper size for your pool and that is secured well. A small amount of water can be added to the middle of the cover once it has been installed to prevent the wind from whipping it so much.

We look forward to seeing you again in the Spring!

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