What is swimming pool chlorine?


Swimming pool chlorine is one of the many sanitizer options you can use to keep your pool clean and clear all summer long. Chlorine should always be present in the water to avoid bacteria and algae from growing. If the chlorine level is not kept at the proper 2-5 ppm level at all times, algae can start to form very quickly, even within a few hours during the hot summer.


What are the different types of chlorine?

Primarily there are 2 different types of chlorine which is Di-Chlor and Tri-Chlor. Di-Chlor is normally a granular form and is used primary in hot tubs. Tri-Chlor is almost always in a tablet form and is specific for swimming pools.


Which one should I use in my swimming pool?

Tri-Chlor is the best chlorine to use in swimming pools. Tri-Chlor usually comes in the form of a stabilized tablet, which is specifically created for use in pools. These chlorine tablets should never be used in a hot tub, due to the strength and corrosiveness of this type of chlorine.

Where do I place the Tri-Chlor tablets?

There are several different ways you can introduce chlorine into your pool such as a floating chlorine dispenser, placing the tablets in the skimmer basket, or an inline automatic chlorine feeder. The most efficient option is an inline automatic feeder, which allows you to fill up the feeder with enough chlorine to get you through at least a week or two before having to add additional chlorine. This is great if you go on vacation during the summer, so you don’t come back to a green pool. A floating dispenser is what you see most often. The downfall of the floater is the kids like to play with it and it doesn’t distribute the chlorine evenly like an automatic feeder dose. This can create “dead spots” in the water which are not chlorinated well and can cause algae to form. The quickest and cheapest route is to place them in your skimmer basket. The benefit of this is the tablets do erode evenly as all of the water passes over it, ensuring the pool is completely protected. The downfall of using the skimmer basket is the kids can still access them and when it comes time to clean out your skimmer basket, you will be dumping out the chlorine tablet as well and then you will have to pick it up and place it back in the basket.


Can I use Di-Chlor in my swimming pool?

Yes, Di-Chlor can be used in both swimming pools and in hot tubs. Di-Chlor is usually in a granular form and dissolves much quicker than the Tri-Chlor tablets, which can help increase your chlorine level much quicker when needed. Di-Chlor is great to use in those instances when you have a problem you are trying to solve such as cloudy water or algae.  NOTE: IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE TRI-CHLOR IN YOUR HOT TUB AT ANYTIME.


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