What is this white build up in my hot tub?


What is it?

The white build up is usually caused by calcium in your water. Metals and minerals are present in every type of water source (city, rural, or well). The consistency of those metals and the content of them varies greatly depending on your water source and your location.


Why do I have it?

Calcium can precipitate in the hot tub when it oxidizes with other chemicals in the water. The oxidization process usually occurs shortly after sanitizer or shock has been added to the water, which causes a reaction to occur. With calcium, the reaction that occurs is it becomes very hard and rough, almost like sand paper. It can also become very flaky and settle to the floor of the hot tub.


How can I get rid of it?

The best way to get rid of it is to scoop it out or vacuum it out. This may require the hot tub to be drained, however. At times, the calcium can cake on the side of the hot tub shell and actually needs to be removed with a product called TLC, which can be found at a hot tub retail store and is safe for your hot tub shell. This cleaner will break up the hard coating of the calcium and allow you to wipe it off easily.


How can I prevent it?

Prevention is key when it comes to calcium and many other metals found in our water sources. Adding a metal remover or protectant upon each new refill of the hot tub can eliminate the oxidization process from happening. It is important to wait 24 hrs after adding this product before you add any additional chemicals, such as sanitizers and shocks. This will allow the product enough time to properly coat the minerals and metals that are in your water, so that they won’t cause any issues. The amount of this product required upon each hot tub fill is dependent on not only the size of your hot tub, but also the metal content of your water.


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