What you need to know about salt pools

Salt pools have gained so much popularity over the last decade, but there is so much misinformation out there that we wanted to help set the record straight so you can make an informed decisions if a salt pool is going to be best for you. Before you make the decision to convert your pool to salt water, you need to understand a little bit about the risks associated with this alternative form of sanitizer.

The top 3 things that you should know about salt water systems:

  1. Chemical balancing – Salt water is NOT maintenance free
  2. Environmental Hazards – Draining pool water into the ecosystem
  3. Salt IS still Chlorine – You are not getting a “Chlorine Free Pool”
Chemical Balancing: 
A salt pool does not take away the need for all of the other pool chemicals such as pH adjusters, clarifiers, algaecides, and shocks. All of these chemicals are still required for proper maintenance of your swimming pool water. The main thing that you will be able to discard from using is Chlorine Tablets, because your salt system should be producing the sanitizer for you (if all the other levels are in balance). Did you know there are several other levels that must be checked in the water when you switch to a salt pool that you didn’t have to with a traditional chlorine system? You will now need to test for your stabilizer (CYA level) and the Salt level in the pool on a regular basis. Now instead of just testing for Chlorine and pH, you must check those plus your CYA level and Salt level. 
Environmental Hazards: 
  Many people don’t realize that when it comes time to drain your swimming pool when you are on salt water, that you will be pushing that salt water into the sewers, rivers and streams which can have a negative effect on the water ecosystem. Can you imagine if EVERY pool in the MidWest was converted to Salt Water and then we drained the pools, not even at the same time, but a portion each year for 2 or 3 years. Can you imagine how much we would upset our water ecosystem would be? Fish that are not capable of living in a salt water ecosystem would die off, which would lower our fish population among other animals, and therefore cut down the food chain available for other animals. It would be a total disaster! This same thing can happen even if every pool in the MidWest isn’t on salt, but a large amount of them are. 
Salt IS still Chlorine:
   The biggest reason why people want to switch from a traditional chlorine system to Salt is because they are tired of a chlorine pool. It can be tough to break it to them that a salt pool IS still a chlorine pool and for some that is really hard to understand. Instead of using Tri-Chlor (main chemical in chlorine tablets), you will be using Sodium Chloride (main chemical in pool salt). All in all, it is still a chlorine pool! 
There are definite benefits to having a salt pool, if you understand the entire realm of how it works in comparison to a traditional chlorine pool. A salt water pool can provide a much softer effect on your skin and eyes, but there are always pros and cons to way regardless of which system you are looking at!
If you have any further questions regarding salt pools, please give us a call! We would be happy to assist you! 

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