Why Does My Hot Tub Smell?


If you have ever had this problem (more than likely you have) you know what we are talking about! That musty smell like tennis shoes…yes that’s what we are referring to! It’s a problem that can creep up if you are missing one part of the recommended maintenance products. We are here to tell you what you are missing and when to use it to prevent this issue in the future!


What Am I Missing?

Regardless if you are on a chlorine or bromine system, it is important to use a Spa Shock (Pristine Power) on a regular basis. If you are not shocking your spa on a regular basis then this issue will continue to creep up. It’s important to keep up on this regimen on a regular basis to prevent the build up of odors and bacteria’s that will cause your hot tub water to cast this smell.


Why It’s Important?

If you are not shocking the hot tub often enough, you are not removing all of the dead or decaying particles in the water that your sanitizer (bromine or chlorine) has killed, but left in the water. This is where the smell will come in. We need to wipe the slate clean on a regular basis so that your sanitizer is able to do the job it needs to in preventing bacteria from growing. It’s important to keep your hot tub cover open for 15 mins with the jets running each time you shock the hot tub as well. Once shock is added to the water, it starts to break down the dead bacteria that is in the water and gases it off so that it is no longer in the hot tub, underneath the cover. If you throw in the shock and then close the cover right away, you are extinguishing the purpose of this product, allowing the smells to stay trapped inside the hot tub and it can also destroy your hot tub cover from the oxidization process.


How Often Do I Put It In?

If you are on a chlorine system, you will need to shock the hot tub once per week with apprx 3-4 oz of spa shock (Pristine Power). If you are on a bromine system you will shock with 1-2 oz per person each time you exit the spa or several times a week if not using the hot tub to keep your bromine level regulated. An important tip to remember is if you are on Bromine and you are testing your levels and notice that your bromine level is showing low, but you know you have bromine tablets in your floater, it is an indication that you need to shock the hot tub. This will release the “tied up” bromine that is in the water, but not active to kill because it has already been coated with bacteria and is currently “used up” until we wipe the slate clean.


It’s important to follow these important tips to allow all of the chemicals to work effectively at preventing the build up of bacteria. One missed step can cause a chain reaction that can have negative effects on your ability to comfortably soak in your hot tub, free of bacteria.


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