Why is my chlorine level still low in my pool?

There are several reasons that the chlorine level could be registering low in your pool and it is super important to find out the reason why and to properly attack the problem before it gets out of hand! Here are a few reasons your chlorine level may be low:

Heavy Rain

At times, we can get a huge downpour of rain, causing the level in the pool to increase significantly. This will deplete an already low chlorine level very quickly and can cause a very low chlorine reading. It is important if it has rained super heavy to first put in some additional metal protectant (if you have an issue with heavy metals in your water), allow 24 hrs for the product to circulate and then to add some additional sanitizer to the water. Make sure to check it in 24 hrs to insure that the chlorine level has increased to the proper level (2-4 ppm). If it has not, it would be a good idea to shock it (always at night) as there could be some bacteria that is starting to form in the water.


Bacteria Breeding

When bacteria starts to form, you may not be able to see a visible difference in the clarity of the water, however that can change very quickly. With the perfect conditions such as heat and lack of sanitizer, bacteria and algae can start to form in as little as a few hours. This is why it is extremely important to test the pool a minimum of every other day, insure there is always chlorine in the pool (in skimmer or floater), and that we shock on a weekly basis at night. Bacteria can not form if the chlorine and pH levels are in the proper range.


Sanitizer is Out

If your chlorine tablets have dissolved, it is super important to get some additional chlorine back in the pool as soon as possible. In a pinch, you can also add granular chlorine (not shock, but a granular form of your chlorine tablets) directly to the pool water, which will dissolve much quicker to help initiate the level again. Even if you decide to add the granular chlorine to help quickly solve the problem, you will need to also keep a chlorine tablet in the skimmer (preferred) or in a floater at all times. Chlorine is the only protection that you have (alongside of a proper pH level) to prevent bacteria and algae from forming – don’t let it get away from you!


Testing Equipment is Bad

There is a possibility that your test strips or liquid test kit reagents (liquid bottles) are aged or have become diluted due to being left in the sun or extreme cold during the winter months. Test strips have a date on the bottle, usually good for around 9-12 months. If you are using a liquid test kit, your reagents will need to be replaced on a yearly basis, regardless if they have all been consumed yet or not. Keep your reagents and test strips within the date range will insure that you are always accurately testing. If your reagents or strips are bad, you could actually have a good chlorine level in the pool, however it is showing off! If you ever have any questions in regards to the levels in the water, you could always bring in a sample of your pool water and we would be happy to provide a complimentary analysis with your next purchase!


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