Why is pH so important in my swimming pool?

There’s need to be a chemist to maintain your swimming pool water!

Testing Your Water’s pH Levels Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle!

There are two ways to test your swimming pool, either by test strips or a liquid drop testing kit. Using one of these methods is the only accurate way to measure pH levels. You cannot tell pH levels by simply looking at the water or smelling it. Issues can arise whether your pH is too high or too low, which is why it is ideal to keep it in the ideal range of 7.5.

  • High pH can cause calcium deposits and other hard minerals and metals to form on your pool surface or liner and also on your filter system and heater components. This will also make your sanitizer less effective, requiring you to use more than normally necessary. Calcium deposits will feel like sandpaper on the interior of your pool surface. When the calcium adheres to the pump, filter system and heater, it can cause restricted flow and even corrosion.
  • Low pH will cause corrosion of your swimming pool pumps, heaters and other metal components. It will also feel very uncomfortable on your skin, as the water is very acidic. It doesn’t take long with low pH to start causing major damage of your swimming pool and equipment. Due to the lack of hardness (pH) in the water, the water will therefore search for other ways to get its metal hardness back up to try and increase the pH and it does that by attacking the metal components of your pool or equipment.

Maintaining Proper Levels is Essential.

Incorrect pH will cause a lot of costly issues if it is not maintained properly. The closer the pH is to 7.5, the more comfortable it will be on your skin as it won’t dry out your skin or make it itchy. It will also prevent your swimming pool surface from discoloring or your pool liner from becoming bleached or hard over time. Making small adjustments over several days will help to adjust your swimming pool pH level to the proper range without overshooting the mark and then having to readjust the other direction. pH can change from a recent rain, from usage or from adding fresh top off water to the pool.


What can I use to adjust the pH in my swimming pool?

If you need raise or lower your pH level in your pool, you can use either a liquid or a powder pH adjuster product. If you wish to use the liquid product (Muriatic Acid) it is a faster alternative to decreasing your pH, however it is more corrosive and you should take extra care when using the product. If your pH is low, you can add a pH Increase product in powder form to get it where it needs to be.

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