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United Aqua Group is an organization made of owners in the commercial, residential and retail swimming pool business. The root entity Aquatech began over fifty years ago as a small trades group for sharing techniques and ideas in luxury pool building. Members also found substantial cost savings when forming a co-op to buy their pool materials and components from manufacturers in larger quantities.
Aquatech expanded but implemented strict criteria for membership. Only pool builders who followed high standards of integrity, quality and customer service were accepted in to join Aquatech. This was to be an association of the elite pool builders across the nation who shared strong values and could be of real service to one another. Today there are over 245 Aquatech members in 46 states.
Aqua Palace was invited to join Aquatech in 2006. Over the past decade plus, Aqua Palace has been both a receiver and contributor to the Aquatech network of professional pool builders.

Aquatech Benefits Available for You Exclusively at Aqua Palace:
Buying Power Savings
The nationwide Aquatech membership combines for a buying power large enough to deal directly with the manufactures. We give you the most shopping selection at the lowest prices

Premier Technology
Wouldn’t you like premier access to the latest pool advancements? Through Aquatech, Aqua Palace has the newest swimming pool features and products

Shared Expertise
Aquatech members don’t compete against each other—they share their experience and expertise to offer you more amazing pool, deck and landscaping designs

Constantly Improving
The bar on quality is always raised. Aquatech provides pool builders continual training on state-of-the-art construction techniques while setting the highest standards on materials and workmanship

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