Take the heat in a sauna… to better your health!
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Take the heat in a sauna… to better your health!
March 15/2020

Relieve a Cold, Shed Some Pounds and Improve Your Health

It’s the middle of November. Temps are dropping outside and your head colds are starting to rear their ugly heads. Have you ever thought about taking the heat to help get rid of your cold? When we talk about taking the heat, we do it by using a sauna! Sauna’s provide numerous health benefits that can help you get over your colds faster! When you sit in a sauna, you raise your inner core body temperature and sweat. By raising your body temperature, your pores open and you sweat out toxins from your body. This induces a fever throughout your body, which helps to rid your body of all of the things that are harmful and improve your circulation. Your muscles also relax and you get a deeper sleep....what could be better!? If you are looking for a benefit to help you burn calories, using a sauna can do that for you!

Warm Up and Relieve Stress In A Sauna
Using a sauna to warm up can also be a great stress reliever! There have been multiple medical studies to show how much our daily lives are affected from stress. There are many diseases that are stress induced and using a sauna causes relief from stress! When you use a sauna it is your own little way to step into a quiet sanctuary away from the noises of the outside world. No distractions, no noise, and pure sauna relaxation is the perfect way to melt the stress of the day away. When you melt away stress, your body is stimulated to release endorphin's. When endorphin's are released, your body just naturally feels better!

The Different Types of Saunas Available
Aqua Palace offers two types of Finnleo sauna’s. We offer the traditional steam saunas which take about 45 minutes to heat up, and infrared saunas which can heat up in roughly 10-15 minutes. The traditional sauna’s use a heater system with rocks on the top of the heater. Once up to temperature, the sauna bathers pour ladles of water over the rocks to create the steam.  The infrared saunas that Aqua Palace offers use carbon fiber technology heaters. They allow for the heat to be more evenly dispersed thru-out the unit. Stop in to the Omaha Metro’s largest sauna dealer, Aqua Palace, and take the heat to improve your health today!

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