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You've been enjoying your hot tub for the past 3-4 months and it's now time to drain, clean and refill your spa! What do I need to do!? Don't worry, we will show you!  It is recommend every 3-4 months to fully dr

Viruses come in many shapes and forms and none are very pleasant to deal with. Weather they provide a few hours or several days of aches, pains, fevers, sinus swelling, coughs, or runny noses – they

We are so pleased that you are interested in one of our fantastic hot tub models! We know this is a big purchase and understand that you need to feel confident in your decision. We would like tell you a little more about US and why you should feel

Saunas are a great way to fend off colds this winter (and anytime throughout the year)! I’m sure you are wondering, how do saunas really help? The heat actually induces a fever like symptom in your body, raising your body temperature up and thus creating more white blood ce

Dec 14 – Dec 20th – Gift Card for Gallons Promo! FREE Gift Card with SPA PURCHASE – Just in time for Christmas!NOW through December 20th 2016, you will receive a FREE Gift Card of your choice with EVERY hot tub purchase! The gift card promotion is based on how many gallons the hot tub hold

NEWS RELEASEContact: Aqua Palace   712-329-4180For Immediate Release 4/1/2013Marquis® Dealer Aqua Palace Spa and Pool Celebrates Make-A-Wish®     Sponsorship With Special “Spirit Of A Wish” Hot Tub SaleConsumers to receive $500 manufacturer’s discount on Spirit and Wish

We have had the pleasure of teaming up with our local Make-A-Wish chapters of both Iowa and Nebraska for many years now! Over the years, we have been able to experience firsthand the smiles and the laughter of children in our local Omaha and surrounding area who may have not had a reason to smile fo

Your swimming pool or hot tub water is properly sanitized. Without an accurate reading, you will not know where your sanitizer and pH levels are at, which could possibly lead you to add the incorrect chemicals. Check the dateTest strips will have a date stamped on the bottles that indicates the

Hot water and chlorine are hard on your swimsuits. Unfortunately they aren’t inexpensive and can be very hard to find the perfect one, so why ruin it? If you are tired of having to find a new favorite swimsuit each year due to the chemicals in your hot tub or pool, we’ve got the solution for you! Fo

Congrats to those of you who are expecting! What an exciting time in your life! If you were thinking you would have to hang up your bathing suit until after baby comes, guess again! Hot tubs are perfectly safe to use in the right conditions! You will see even more benefits

Have you ever gotten in your spa and as soon as you turn on the jets all you can see is a sea of foam? The first thing that might come to mind is, “Are my chemicals off? How did they get off? I know they were perfect yesterday!” Although chemicals do have a lot to do with t

The enjoyment of the hot tub won’t be ruined by disaster if you follow some easy tips to avoid common mistakes.Water ChemistryThe refreshing sound of bubbling water and soothing waterfalls may be enough to entice you into the hot tub.  Before you take the plunge, make

You are probably familiar with common chemicals used to treat pool and hot tub water such as chlorine, bromine, shock and pH adjusters, but have you ever wondered what exactly an enzyme is, how it works, or when to use it?Enzymes: What are they?An enzyme is a catalyst, some

Have you ever been so busy and pre-occupied with other things going on in your life that you forget to drain your hot tub every 3-4 months like you should? Maybe you are just a little over that time frame, or maybe you have really forgotten and it’s been 6-7 months since yo

Have you ever gone out to your Omaha hot tub in the middle of the winter and been frightened to find that your spa is 52 degrees and is not heating? A lot of things start flooding through your mind such as “Did the power go out?” “Do I have power to the hot tub?” “Is my GFC

We have discussed some of the products that are needed to be used to maintain your hot tub on a daily or weekly basis for sanitization. There are also other chemicals that are just as important and shouldn't be left out of your regiment for many reasons. Clarifier

What about those white flakes that you see floating in the Marquis spa? What are those things? Your spa seats feel like sandpaper, why is this happening? Your jets are turning brown, but the water is clear, what is the issue? These are all questions that we get on a regular

Do all the abbreviations and calculations have you frightened or confused? No need to be a chemist to maintain your spa water. There are simple steps to follow when it comes to taking care of your hot tub in Omaha! It may seem like a lot when you first get started, but befo

A base sanitizer of chlorine or bromine is just the start of maintaining crystal clear water, but it is not the only item that is needed. There is a full system of chemicals that must be followed to insure that your water is clean, clear and safe. Skipping just one of these

“My spa water is clear so the sanitizer level must be good, right?” “I was told my spa is a chemical free system, so I don't use any sanitizer.” While maintaining a hot tub doesn't require a degree in chemistry, there are a few simple things to remember:

"I can tell just by looking at my Omaha hot tub that the water is balanced.” “If I can smell chlorine I know there is enough sanitizer in the water.” “The water feels good so it must be okay to use, right?” Too bad none of these statements are true, but that doesn't&nb

It is very important to stay hydrated the whole time during your cold, but especially true right before, during and after your hot tub soak! The temperature of the water will cause you to sweat which will dehydrate you quickly if you aren't prepared. It’s also imp

The temperature of your hot tub can be adjusted to fit your own personal needs. Soaking in your hot tub when you have a cold will allow you to overcome it much faster. You will be able to sleep better, get rid of headaches and therefore get over the effects of your cold muc

What’s the number one thing that everyone does when they are sick? You spend your day (or week) lounging on the couch. You have to pry yourself up to get a drink or even go to the bathroom. Sometimes illnesses can keep you down for days, with no en

Everybody always has trouble getting good, quality sleep when they are sick. Unfortunately it’s one of those downfalls of the “bug” that we have to go through to get over it. Using an Omaha hot tub daily, especially when you are sick, will lead to better sleep! It is anothe

Illnesses can creep up at anytime, especially during the winter months, but if you have a hot tub it can be even easier to get rid of the sniffles! Everybody knows of the main therapeutic benefits that a hot tub will provide on a regular basis, but the benefits are even mor

Cleaning your spa cover is very important in maintaining the longevity of your hot tub cover. As an Omaha hot tub  specialist we want to express the importance a cover has regarding energy effectiveness of your spa. Without a good hot tub cover, you will be s

Relieve a Cold, Shed Some Pounds and Improve Your HealthIt’s the middle of November. Temps are dropping outside and your head colds are starting to rear their ugly heads. Have you ever thought about taking the heat to help get rid of your cold? When we talk about taking the

Looking for a way to warm up and get some major health benefits? Find out how with a steam sauna!The multitude of health benefitsOne of the greatest benefits of steam sauna use is the known fact that when you introduce your body to the high heat of a steam sauna, it creates

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic are abundant in our environment and many of the things we use on a daily basis. That is super scary! One of the few ways to actually remove these toxins we are around every single day is using a sauna on a regular basi

Aqua Palace has been the leading sauna retailer in the Omaha Metro for many years! We know our products well and are confident that we have a sauna to fit everyone’s needs! We have a full line of traditional and infrared saunas, both for indoor and outdoor use and can custo

The Marquis Therapy System utilizes the industry’s most sophisticated configuration of zone controls. 3-2-1 Tri-Zone Control is the umbrella system for all units. The design and alignment of the 3-2-1 Tri-Zone Control system gives the ultimate flexibility and specific targe

Marquis is the only hot tub manufacture to offer such incredible technology – High Output Therapy, or H.O.T.  Zones deliver the ultimate massage therapy. Each H.O.T.  Zone jet may look small, but actually delivers 40 GPM (Gallons Per Minu

MARQUIS ELEVATES THE SWIM SPA EXPERIENCE WITH THEIR NEW AQUATIC TRAINING VESSELS!Independence, Ore. – Marquis®, in its fourth decade as an industry leader in hydrodynamic performance products, has developed an innovative new vessel for aquatic activity and enjoyment…introdu

Although the basic principles of maintaining the chemicals in a swimming pool and hot tub are pretty much the same, the chemicals in which we add are different between the two. Chlorine is not just chlorine – there are multiple types – some for pools, some for hot tubs. Chl

It’s important to know the dangers that drinking while soaking in your hot tub can cause. Know the risks before entering the water!Extreme dehydrationNaturally your body will begin to perspire shortly after entering the hot tub due to the heat. It is no different than runni

Maintaining your hot tub water is extremely important to prevent diseases and bacteria from being spread between your family members and friends who may come over to enjoy your spa from time to time. It’s no shock that soaking in a body of hot water can foster bacteria if n

How much does it cost to operate a hot tub? This all depends on the quality of hot tub, what type of insulation is used, and the “R” value and current condition of your hot tub cover. Your specific climate and usage of your hot tub has a role in that as well. But, you

If you live in a high wind area, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep your hot tub cover from blowing open (or off for that matter)! Your hot tub cover is a crucial part of your hot tub: it protects the shell and surface from getting damaged, it prevents added dirt and in

Easier Ways to Remove Your Spa CoverWe have several options available to assist you in removing your hot tub cover easier and making your soak much more enjoyable!Easy Ways to Remove Your Spa Cover #1: Hydrolic LiftsThis type of coverlift is the absolute easiest to operate,

Hot Tub Voltage: Are 110V Hot Tubs Better Than 240V Hot Tubs?On a 110v hot tub, you can use an existing standard outlet. These cords are usually 8 ft – 15 ft in length, which allow for plenty of room to place the hot tub where you prefer and still be able to access an outle

There are numerous medical publications regarding the effectiveness of hot water therapy found in hot tubs. The wide range of conditions that benefit from it include arthritis, low back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, and even fibromyalgia. So how does it work? What’s the sc

What's the Difference Between a Hot Tub, Spa, and Jacuzzi?Over the years, the term hot tub and spa mean relatively the same. Back in the day, a hot tub referred more to a wooden barrel or an old school form of water therapy. Now days, most manufactures use the terms loosely

If you have been enjoying your hot tub for the past 5 to 10 years (or longer) you may be missing out on new technologies that are now available, which will make your soak even more stress-relieving and save you time on chemical maintenance! Here is what’s new:Better filtrat

Looking to get into a hot tub while on a budget? You may think that Craiglist may be the best way to go, however purchasing a hot tub is more than just that – it’s about making an investment into your stress free future. Here’s why Craiglist might be a mistake when trying t

Virgin Foam Cores:While many competitors use regrind in their foam cores to save them money during production our manufacture uses only virgin foam cores to save you money on your electric bill and provide you a stronger, more durable, and more energy-efficient cover.Vapor

In recent studies I have conducted, I’ve come to notice all hot tub manufacturers bragging about how their warranty stands above everyone else’s.  While looking into the purchase of a new appliance, I agree that having some support from the manufacturer and company is

Everyone has questions from time to time regarding the maintenance and overall care of their hot tub. We are here to answer a few of the top questions that are asked on a regular basis that you might be wondering yourself!How often should I drain and refill my hot tub?This

If you have ever had this problem (more than likely you have) you know what we are talking about! That musty smell like tennis shoes…yes that’s what we are referring to! It’s a problem that can creep up if you are missing one part of the recommended maintenance products. We

Everyone has questions from time to time regarding the maintenance and overall care of their hot tub. We are here to answer a few of the top questions that are asked on a regular basis that you might be wondering yourself!Why isn't my hot tub "hot" anymore?This is a very le

There are several important tips that you should know about when it comes to taking care of your hot tub and keeping your filters clean!Tip 1: Don’t Rinse Filters in the DishwasherIt’s very important to remember to not wash your hot tub filters in the dishwasher. Although t

Adding a Marquis Hot Tub to your house is your start on the road to rejuvenation. Whether you want to connect with family, stimulate your health or even escape the daily pressure and stress, your Marquis Hot Tub will rejuvenate your life. There is a reason that we have been

Nothing can dampen the pleasure of having a backyard pool or hot tub faster than a chemical accident.Necessary EvilWith any body of water comes the necessity of chemicals to treat it so you can swim (or soak) without contracting germs and bacteria that could make you sick.

Picture this….it’s a beautiful summer day in Nebraska, temps are creeping up into the high 90’s…and then…it hits 101 degrees! That always seems to be the time when all of the Facebook pictures of everybody’s car thermometers start popping up because nobody can believe that

Aqua Palace has a ton of steals that your Valentine will love! If you already have a hot tub, but are looking to trade in, we’ve got lots of models available, new and pre-owned! We can find the perfect one just for you! We have brand new Marquis hot tubs

Now that it’s already February and you have gotten tons of use out of your hot tub over the winter, it might be time to look at finding a warm day to drain and refill it! Here are the tips and tricks to drain, clean and refill your hot tub during the cold months!Above Freez

I thought I would make a more personal blog about the benefits I have seen first-hand while using my hot tub on a regular basis during my pregnancy! Not that I have ever doubted the powerful effects a hot tub can have on anyone’s everyday life, but I have become a far bigge

Are you looking for something to make your evening hot tub soaks even more fun and entertaining for you and your family? There is nothing better than being in the hot tub during the winter months, enjoying the snowflakes landing on your face and your hair turning into an ic

We have once again rolled over into another New Year….is that even possible? Where does all the time go? It seems like we just started 2013 and now it’s already 2014! You are probably making your list of your New Year’s resolutions for this year, but did you realize a hot t

It’s that time of year again when we all make New Year’s Resolutions on things we hope to accomplish in the next year. Aqua Palace is here to help!Resolution to lose weightWho hasn’t made a resolution at least once to lose weight in the upcoming year? If that new gym member

The Night Before Christmas Hot Tub Spoof‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the spa,Over the bubbling water you only heard “ahhh”.Mom in her bikini and me in my speedoSat soaking in hot water with the jets set on low.All the shopping was done, all the presents

Christmas is just around the corner. Do you have trouble deciding on a gift for the whole family to enjoy? Here is why you should consider a Marquis Spa from Aqua Palace!Family Time TogetherWe all know how hard it is to have family time these days. Everybody has a full sche

If you are looking to get into a pre-owned hot tub to “test the waters” but aren’t sure where to start we can help! We know that purchasing a hot tub can be overwhelming; there is so much information out there and so many things to learn! How do you ever decide on what size

Chemical balance is the most important thing in keeping your hot tub water clear, although every hot tub owner will encounter this dreaded problem at some time or another. There is always a reason that the water goes cloudy, milky or foamy and we are here to tell you what m

The invention of shopping on the Internet has changed the world and society that we live in today. It’s very easy to find items that you need and can sometimes be cheaper to buy them online as well. You can find just about anything you want or need for your life online thes

Many times a week, we are asked about a salt system, and how it works. Mainly by pool customers or pool shoppers, but the new trend has started now and hot tub customers are also curious about using salt water in their hot tubs.  There are many reasons we do not sugges

Aside from deciding which hot tub to purchase, all that stands between a new hot tub owner and relaxation is getting the chemicals balanced. As complicated and as scientific it sounds, we can break it down and make it very easy for you to follow. Hot tubbing shouldn’t be a

There are two different types of sanitizers that are used on a regular basis. Which one is best for your hot tub? Here we will show you the differences between the two so you can make the best decision for you and your family!Chlorine - the most used systemChlorine is

After several months (or possibly years) of use, your hot tub plumbing can become coated with all kinds of slimy and barbaric things! Simply draining and refilling your hot tub on a regular basis will not totally eliminate all of that build up. It’s recommended to flush you

Has your hot tub water turned a strange and eerie color and you arent sure what happened? From time to time it can happen, due to the hardness of the water that you are using, due to a chemical reaction or bacteria forming. Below is a quick list of some common water color c

Deck Out Your Hot Tub
March 14/2020
With fall just around the corner, are you looking for ways to freshen up your hot tub giving it a new look? Here are some things you might consider!Hot tub covers are heavy and cumbersome to handle. Placing it on a concrete patio or wooden deck can damage the vinyl leading

Whether you teach preschool, middle school, or high school (or anything in between) we are sure you need a place to relax after each long day. In the morning before school or when you get home – you will reap the benefits in so many ways! Check out the benefits below!Add Up

High School Athletes Need Hot TubsWhether you play baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, or tennis, you could benefit from using a hot tub! After practice, right before practice, or just for fun – you will reap the benefits in many ways! Check out the benefits below!E

Benefits for a NurseWhether you work at a hospital or a nursing home, your body can benefit from soaking in a hot tub after a long day on your feet. Check out the benefits below!After working a 12 hr shift, lifting and carrying things, your muscles could really use a good t

We just went through the whole scenario in the last tip, “#9: DON’T WASH YOUR SUITS” but how do I get rid of the foam I already have in my hot tub? We have showed you how

Have you noticed that your hot tub cover is looking a little shabby this summer? Wondering how you truly know when it’s ready to be replaced? We’ve got the answers for you and why you need to look at replacing your hot tub cover before the Omaha fall kicks in!It’s CrackedA

How it works Your Marquis hot tub will automatically add the perfect combination of bromine sanitizer along with minerals after each use!  Vortex skimmers skim surface contaminants such as body oils and lotions then direct them into the filter cartridges which tra

How soon can I jump in my freshly filled hot tub?We know you have to be SUPER anxious to get back into your relaxing hot tub (Or to use it for the first time), however……it won’t be quite ready yet for at least 24 hrs! The first product that needs to be added to the water wh

Unfortunately a lot of our Omaha metro city water (including Council Bluffs and surrounding Iowa and Nebraska towns) have a high metal content in their city water sources. The metals that can be found include: calcium, iron, copper, rust, and magne

NEWS RELEASEAqua Palace  712-329-4180For Immediate ReleaseMARQUIS DEALER Aqua Palace CELEBRATES MAKE-A-WISH SPONSORSHIP WITH SPECIAL “SPIRIT OF A WISH” SALEConsumers to receive $500 manufacturer’s discount on Spirit and Wish spasDate: 04/01/2014Council Bluffs, Iowa – M

You’ll feel like you just won a Tony Award when you slip into your Broadway hot tub! The creative seating arrangement features a wraparound seat for two, a super deep Director’s Chair with fantastic leg therapy, another deep seat for total back therapy and two more seats at

The Arthritis Foundation states:The soothing warmth and buoyancy of warm water makes it a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness.Immersing in warm water raises your body temperature, causing your blood vessels to dilate and increases circulation.

Have you thought about purchasing a hot tub, but then second guess yourself because you aren’t sure how much you will actually use it? We find that there is usually one person in every family (husband or wife) that doesn’t think they will use it much, however in reality the

The New Year is once again upon us. The New Year’s resolutions are filling our lists full of “wants” and “to-dos”, but how can you really achieve success in 2017? Did you know that a hot tub can really bring about huge positive change in your life? Here’s just a few of the

Did you know that many people have taken advantage of the many benefits of trading in their hot tub on a regular basis? Did you even know that was an option!? If not – we are here to tell you that it is with Aqua Palace!! We take all of our Marquis Spas back in on trade at

There are two types of chlorine: DICHLOR and TRICHLOR. There are different uses for both chlorines.Dichlor is the recommended type of chlorine to use in the hot tub. This type of chlorine usually comes in the form of a granular powder and not in a tablet form. It quickly di

The frequency of when chlorine should be added to the hot tub varies greatly depending on several factors such as: bather load, average length of time using hot tub, and how often you use it. Even if you only use the hot t

Marquis Swim Spa
March 13/2020
Swim Spas have become much more popular in the US over the last 5 years. Why is this so!? They are an intriguing design – a cross between a spa and a pool. Who wouldn’t LOVE to have this monster in their backyard?! But what makes Marquis ATV swim spa top notch? Let us show

We know that one of the most important things on your mind when looking for a hot tub is “How much is it going to cost to operate?” Here are a few of the costs associated with operating a hot tub – hopefully this will ease your mind!Water –You will need to refill your hot t

If you are planning a vacation soon, there are a few steps that you should take to unsure your hot tub stays protected and clear while you are away. Follow these simple steps to enjoy a worry free vacation!Drain and RefillIf it is about time to drain and refill your hot tub

Signature SeriesIf your looking for the perfect hot tub with all open seating, there are several hot tubs to pick from!Euphoria – Open seating for up to 7 people!Dimensions: 90x90Jets:  58Promise – Relaxing capacity of 6 peopleDimensions: 79x85.5Jets: 46Rendezvous &nbs

It’s extremely important to properly maintain any item (including your home, appliances, and cars) just as it is to maintain your hot tub. Your Marquis Spa is well built and is meant to last 30 + years, so here are the tips on how to maintain your investment! Check Wat

The filters in your hot tub play a important role in keeping your hot tub water clean and crystal clear. If they need to be replaced, you will find it very hard to keep the water in balance properly and there may be some haze to the water. Here are some great tips on when i

Keeping your chemicals accessible has proven to make owning and maintaining a hot tub much easier. If they are close by when you exit the hot tub, you will be more apt to throw in the appropriate chemicals that are needed to keep your hot tub running perfectly! But where is

Please pause for a moment to ponder this thought….the most common reasons that people purchase a hot tub is for these reasons: hot water therapy, relax muscles, warm up, relieve tension, enjoy the outdoors, spend time with family members, ease health problems including arth

Clarifier Using a clarifier on a regular basis helps to aide your filter in pulling out finer particles in the water that otherwise would pass right thru and back into the hot tub. By adding this product on a weekly basis, it lightly coats your filter so that the fine

TV, Stereo, Chrome Wheels, Towing Package, Moonroof….With all the options available on a new car these days in Omaha, it’s no surprise that a lot of these options are also available on your new hot tub! Although chrome wheels and a towing package are not yet available on a

Marquis has over 16 different models to choose from in their Signature and E-Series lineup! If you are looking for the perfect hot tub with a lounger (or two loungers if you’re feeling really adventurous), read on to find your perfect model!Signatu

There are tons of different chemical systems out there! Use this Quick Reference Chart to help guide you on what your levels should always be in the hot tub for crystal clear hot tub water!Chlorine System:Chlorine = 3-4 ppmpH = 7.5Alkalinity = 80-120 Baqua Spa System:*

During your routine hot tub maintenance duties, you may notice that your filter ‘looks’ fine. It appears clean, so why worry? Well, that ‘clean-looking’ filter may deceive you, and cause you more stress than you’d bargained for. And additional stre