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Now that the dog-days of summer are upon us, are you having more difficulty maintaining your chemical levels in the swimming pool? What actually affects the chemicals in pool water? How can I keep my pool

Updated 2/18/2021

Once you've decided to dive (pun intended) into purchasing an in-ground swimming pool that you and your friends can enjoy for years down the road, where do you start? After all,

There are so many different brands of aboveground swimming pools on the market, all with different pro’

We know you have many options when it comes to selecting an aboveground swimming pool and we would like to take this opportunity to show you how we as a business and how our swimming pools are the best in the industry!Disc

For over 20 years, Aqua Palace has been the leader in the Omaha Metro area for  Premium Soft Sided pools ! Below are just a few of the reasons why a high-quality soft sided pool will bring you MANY years of backyard enjoyment, with a lot less hassle than most abovegrou

If your pool has ever turned green, you know how frustrating it can be. Bacteria’s and algae’s will start to form when there is no sanitizer present. This can occur over a long holiday weekend when the swimming pool was used a lot without an adequate amount of additional sa

Looking for more fun in the sun this summer? Would you rather spend more time swimming in the pool rather than cleaning the pool? You are not alone! Nobody wants to spend most of the summer cleaning the pool in the hot sun instead of enjoying the pool from the water! During

Has your Intex pool pump bit the dust? Are you left wondering what to do next to prevent your pool from turning into a lake? We are here to make your life a lot easier…that is if you are up for it! Who isn’t up for easier maintenance, less cleaning, and less money spent on

Nothing can dampen the pleasure of having a backyard pool in Omaha faster than a chemical accident. Follow these important to tips to insure that your family can have the safest outdoor living fun all summer long!Necessary EvilWith any body of water comes the necessity of c

Kick Algae to the Curb!
March 18/2020
Are you tired of dealing with a green pool this summer? Are you wondering why it keeps returning? The problem can be somewhat complex, but cleaning it up can be a breeze! Here are some tips on what you may be missing and how to keep the algae away (for good!) from your Omah

If you have ever wondered if there are any other types of systems out there that you can use other then chlorine on your pool that is located in Omaha, we are here to tell you there is! Salt water systems have been out for many years. There is a lot of misconception out the

We get this question a lot! “Can you tell us how long we can use our pool and when summer is going to be over?” Well it all depends on the weather and although we aren't weathermen, we sure do have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to make sure you have the longest summer to enjoy your pool as po

Although there is still plenty of time left this summer in Omaha to swim, we know that the kids will be going back to school soon and the nights will begin getting a little cooler. We wanted to give you a head start on what you will need to make sure you have before getting

Are you ready to throw one last pool party that your whole neighborhood in Omaha will be talking about all winter long? We can help make this last holiday weekend SUPER FUN!Make sure the pool is readyYour chlorine and pH levels should always be kept at a constant level to eliminate bacteria from hav

When you own an aboveground, metal wall pool, liner replacement is a maintenance job that will need to be done approximately every five to seven years. Due to chemicals, sunlight, storm damage or children’s rough-housing, the liners take a beating. Over time the vinyl becomes more brittle and prone

We know you have had a fun summer and are dreading “packing up” the pool, but my friends, it has come to that time once again. All of the fun summer stuff has disappeared off large retailers shelves and Halloween stuff is already in full force! So

Even if you have had a pool for a lot of years, sometimes you find yourself questioning if you are missing a step or not. It’s nice to get a refreshers course on certain things just in case you happen to forget. By following these tips you will ensure that your sand filter

Have you been experiencing lower than normal flow in your pool return?  Not sure what’s going on or what’s causing the issue? If you have been properly backwashing and your pump pot basket is clean and inserted correctly, you may have an issue with the sand. If your sa

Having a pool is suppose to be a lot of fun, right? There will be maintenance things that pop up from time to time that will require your attention, such as sand shooting back into your pool. We can explain why this happens and help you to find the culprit before an even bigger mess occurs!Why this

It’s getting that time of year again, where the pool fun must be wrapped up until spring arrives again. Don’t worry though; you will have all of those memories from this summer’s fun in the pool to remember all winter long until you can create new memories next year! Here are some helpful tips on ho

Are you in need of a new winter cover for your inground pool? We have many options to choose from and will help lay out the differences between them so you can make the best decision for you and your family!Mesh Safety CoversThis type of cover is the most standard and basic cover that is available o

Can you believe it? It’s the beginning of October and the nights are already getting down into the low 50’s! Although it’s nice to enjoy the cool Omaha air thru the windows during the day and in the evening, it’s not doing much good for your pool water! Here are some of the

Although it is November and we are cruising closer and closer to Thanksgiving….and then Christmas…’s not too early to start planning your Inground Pool Project with Aqua Palace!Why it’s not too earlyEven if you have an idea of what you are looking for in the backyard, t

Looking for the perfect aboveground pool for your family to enjoy this summer? Look no further! Aqua Palace has been the leader in the Council Bluffs, Iowa/ Omaha, Nebraska metro area for over 17 years – handling the most economical and durable soft sided pool created! Take a look into our Aqua Pala

Anytime can be a good time to open up your swimming pool for the season. Especially if you are using a heater. We here at Aqua Palace have been opening pools for our customers this season since mid-April. But, every pool season is weather depending! Last pool season, we had snow in the first week of

How do I keep my pool clean and crystal clear?There are a few important things to remember when taking care of your pool all summer to keep it crystal clean and clear! Here is the recommended routine maintenance and the items you will need to have to make that happen!Metal

Spring Checklist – What pool chemicals do I need?There are several basic items that you will always need to have on hand at all times throughout the pool season.Chlorine (tablets or granular depending on size and type of pool)Metal ControlTest KitPool ShockpH adjustersFor a full description of how t

Chlorine System:It’s important to keep in mind that algae can only form or continue to grow when there is an absence of chlorine in the water. In order to kill the algae in your swimming pool once it has started, we will need to over chlorinate the pool. To do this:Make sure you have 2-3 chlorine ta

This is caused from iron or rust that is in your swimming pool water.What caused it?Either recently filling your entire pool with hard water (normally well or rural water is high in metal content) or if you have topped off your swimming pool with hard water. This also means that not enough metal con

Due to a lot of misinformation you can find online, Baquacil has gotten the “Best Review for Health” title by many sites you might come across (this isn't a real title by the way!) We are here to tell you the facts of both sides and let you decided which one is best.Sanitizer Levels:On a Chlorine po

The typical life span of an aboveground pool liner is 4-6 years, although there are a lot of factors that go into the longevity of the liner.Here are a few examples of what might cause the liner to fail:Chlorine levels being kept too high or too low (high chlorine will start to fade the colors and d

For starters, you will need to remove the entire top cap and ledging around the top of the pool. Keep track of all the screws to insure proper re-installation.  Once the top part of the pool has been removed, you will need to carefully pull out the old liner by removing the retainer clips that

The beauty of a beaded pool liner is the fact that you DO NOT have to tear all the top rails off of the pool in order to replace the liner! This will save you time and money!To start, it’s important to clean out as much of the water as possible from the old pool liner. Remove the old pool liner care

The length of time an inground pool liner will last depends on a variety of factors including:Weather – Hail, very acidic rains, high phosphate rains among many other weather conditions can play a big role in how long your pool liner will last.Wear and Tear – Come wear and tear comes from normal mai

This can be a very difficult task if you are unable to see an actual area that might be torn or leaking. If nothing is visible, you will need to get inside the pool (goggles help!) and scan the side walls carefully, to see if you find any puncture, split, or separation in the liner anywhere. Pay clo

It is not recommended to use any form of play ground sand or landscaping sand in your swimming pool sand filter. These filter systems are only designed to operate correctly with #20 Grade Silica Sand. This type of sand is only sold at professional swimming pool retailers. Any other forms of sand tha

There are many ways that algae forms, but we will break it down into the top 4 categories: Water Chemistry Problems, Pool Water Contamination, Equipment Problems, and Other Causes. Here are the top 33 reasons why!Water Chemistry Problems1. Low free Chlorine levels, under 1 ppm2. High Combined Chlori

Phosphates come in many different forms and can be brought into the pool water from: decomposing leaves, small particles in the air that the wind brings in, rain, fertilizers that blow in, etc. These items cause the phosphate level in your pool to rise. The best level to be at in regards to pho

Just as with any other major purchase, it's important to do some research before buying a pool. At Aqua Palace Spas and Pools, we go the extra step when helping a customer choose the correct pool for their backyard. We’re not the only pool company in the Omaha Metro area, but we are the only CPB (Ce

Here are the products that you will want to make sure you have on hand this Spring! Stock up and save with our upcoming EarlyBuy Special (see store for details!) *Baquacil Sanitizer*Baquacil Oxidizer*Baquacil Performance Algaecide*Baquacil CDX*pH adjusters (Up and Down)*Baquacil Test Strips*Baq

Aqua Palace is your Omaha metro’s largest swimming pool warehouse! We have everything you need to make your upcoming summer FANTASTIC and FUN!Once a year, Aqua Palace offers an Early Bird Special!April 1 thru April 8 – it’s the PERFECT time of the year to stock up on all of your pool suppl

Saturday December 14th from 3-5 pm at Aqua PalaceLocated at 810 Woodbury Ave in Council Bluffs (I-80 Exit 5 – Madison Ave)Free Picture with SantaCookies and Milk (Allergy friendly!)Games and CraftsFor more info, click here! .....

Aqua Palace makes it easy to winterize your aboveground soft side Splash/Spash A Round pools with these quick and easy tips!Proper winterization will ensure that your pool is sparkling BLUE in the spring! Stop by soon and grab your winter products!

We are excited to announce that we are able to LOWER theprice on pool replacement pumps for your swimming pool! Hold up – what!? YES – You heard it right!How can this be?Hard to believe? We know it sounds crazy – what products these days actually go DOWN in costs!? With gas prices continuing to rise

From time to time, issues can arise with your hot tub or pool water. If you are testing your hot tub or pool and notice that something just isn’t right, but you just can’t put your finger on it, you have the ability to bring in a water sample to Aqua Palace and we can test it for you. This helps to

Water testing is essential to maintaining safe water in your pool or spa, but what is better, test strips or liquid drop kit?How to use test strips....Test strips are used by dipping one strip in the pool or spa water and then immediately matching the pad colors to the color chart on the back of the

Fall is approaching and we are all ready for some cooler weather, sweatshirts, bonfires, pumpkin patches and evening soaks in the hot tub! As a family owned and operated business, we look forward to a little slower pace that fall and winter bring.Summer is like 2 seasons (hot tubs and pools) all at

Aqua Palace is excited to announce that every Wednesday between Oct 2017 and March 2018 we will be hosting a Cyber Wednesday Special Event! During these fall/winter month, we will have our showroom closed on Wednesdays – there are no other changes to our store hours during these months.Our fall/wint

We are excited for the many changes that will be taking place in our large Outdoor ShowGarden this spring! Things are about to get underway and we have a lot planned!We greatly enjoy our 1 acre outdoor Showgarden space and want to capitalize on this beautiful space we have to show you even more swim

Family owned and operatedAqua Palace has been owned and operated by the same family since day one. From small town in southwest Iowa to the big city, we quickly realized we needed to launch on a grander scale in the Omaha metro area. We moved to the Mall of the Bluffs, with a location 6 times the si

Aqua Palace LLC810 Woodbury AveCouncil Bluffs, Iowa 51503712-329-4180Aqua Palace LLC Captures Residential Fiberglass Pool of the Year in PrestigiousUnited Aqua Group’s Awards of Distinction Competition!Council Bluffs, Iowa –  – Aqua Palace LLC won the coveted Residential Fiberglass Po

Family Owned BusinessOur company was built on the principals of family because we are family! Our mother/father, daughter/son team along with our adoptive co-workers whom we consider family are here to serve you with Midwestern hometown values.  When you purchase a product from Aqua Palace, you

We are everything that involves relaxation and therapy. Whether it’s a hot tub sauna, aboveground or in-ground pool, we’ve got you covered! We are a family owned and operated, 2 generation business and we pride ourselves on community and charity involvement and our expertise knowledge in therapeutic

Keep up-to-date with all of our current specials, promotions, achievements, and our weekly blog postings on the following social media sites:Facebook:

Our exclusive referral programNot only will you be purchasing the top of the line hot tub with Marquis, but the referral perks that come with being an exclusive Aqua Palace customer are hands down the best you will find in the Omaha metro! With every referral you will receive an instant $100 Gift Ca

Everybody likes to save time and money. Here’s how you can join in on Aqua Palace's Fun Pass program to help you and your family save tons of money!Fun Pass CardAqua Palace offers Fun Pass cards to every customer. The Fun Pass cards are free of charge and offer customers benefits by being loyal cust

You are cordially invited to ourCustomer Appreciation Sale!Join Us For:Small Business Saturday - Nov 25thCyber Monday - Nov 27thThankful Tuesday - Nov 28thDEALS ~ SPECIALS ~ DISCOUNTS *Additional Discounts on pool and spa chemicals and accessories*Free refreshments - Firehouse subs, Brownies, C

What is Aquatech?
March 18/2020
As a consumer, professionalism is always something desired from companies you hire. But, how can you be sure the company building your pool is of high standards? Let me introduce you to Aquatech!What is Aquatech?Aquatech is a unique group of pool builders from across the country. Created in 1962, Aq

We couldn't be more excited to have created many beautiful pools in 2016 and 2017, but it is a true honor to have received 2 Aqua Master Awards from United Aqua Group 2 years in a row! Check out these 2 beautiful award winning pools! Each of these pools, like all of our custom hand designed pool pro

Sand Filter SystemIn order to properly winterize your sand filter system on your pool, follow these steps:
  • Backwash/Rinse sand filter system one last time before shutting the system down. Remove drain cap on the bottom of the sand filter – place somewhere safe, like in the pump pot baske

Aqua Palace has some great new products for the upcoming 2017 Pool  Season! Get a sneak peek at them here!Clean your pool faster and more effectively with this pool vac that is COVERED in brushes! Get your scrubbing action on and let your elbows relax for awhile!NEW Robotic Pool Vacs! Extremely

Complete Pool Season Chemical KitsGoing on NOW at Aqua Palace - purchase your complete Seasonal Pool Chemical Kit and save BIG off the retail prices! Our complete sanitizer season kit gets you all the high quality, professional grade basic chemicals that you will need for a full 12 week standard swi

Oh my!! It’s almost the 4 of July and your pool is GREEEN! You’ve got a huge party planned and need to get this pool turned around QUICKLY!We’ve got some suggestions on what to do over the next 4 days to try and turn the pool back around in time for your party. Under normal circumstances this will u

The summer may have passed you by, but don’t let it happen next year! Our IN HOUSE Swimming Pool LAYAWAY program is the PERFECT way to SAVE a bundle on your perfect pool!Whats your perfect size?We have lots of pool sizes to choose from – rounds, ovals, rectangles, freeforms…you name it! We have pool

Sip n Oodles Noodles that you can fill with your favorite summer drink and enjoy sipping out of them while your lounging in your pool! Holds over 24 oz and still functions like a standard pool noodle!Drink HoldersSecurely holds your favorite canned beverage or 12 oz bottle with a convenient han

The last thing you want as an Omaha in ground or above ground pool owner is green water, but even the most devout of caretakers have an occasional bout with algae. Your first course of action is to shock your pool by super-chlorinating the water. Quick acting chlorine shock

If it's time to take the plunge, and we're talking backyard swimming pools, you're probably looking for some tips on how to get started. Are you adept at working within a budget? Exactly how would you find the right pool builder in Omaha? Is FUN at the top of your list? Kee

As the name implies, covers for swimming pools are primarily designed to provide safety for you and your family (and neighborhood kids). They're also the preferred way to close your Omaha pool after the swimming season is over. There are generally two different types of mat

Staying cool on a hot summer's day is always easier when you have a swimming pool in your backyard. They're fabulous investments for large families, as a source of entertainment for the children, and especially for those who love to swim. With that pool comes inherent dange

Once you've decided to dive (pun intended) into purchasing an in-ground swimming pool that you and your friends can enjoy for years down the road, where do you start? After all, this is a huge endeavor and as such, you should do some research to become as familiar as possib

If you want your swimming pool to sparkle like a diamond shimmering on a hot summer's day, there are a number of things you should understand about maintaining your pool. To help you out, we're going to break this down into three essential tips and tell you why each step is

You now have the perfect pool in the backyard, the weather is warming up, the sun is shining and summer is in full bloom now! But wait, something is missing….Your missing all of the fun accessories to make your summer in the pool even more enjoyable (and easy)! Check out th

It’s very important to vacuum your pool on a regular basis to insure that all of the leaves and particles do not remain on the bottom of the pool very long. Everyone always wants to have a perfectly clean pool, so keeping it vacuumed on a regular basis a long with properly

Who doesn't love a fun party in the pool? Whether you are gearing up for a birthday party, family reunion, or a holiday party, get ready to let the fun times roll! Just in time for the 4 of July, find out how to make your holiday pool party the best party ever!Saf

Have you ever thought about what the differences might be when purchasing specialty items from a big box store vs buying it from a company that specializes in that product? For an example, you can purchase tires from your local Wal-Mart store, but

Don’t Close TOO early!One of the most important factors when it comes to properly closing your aboveground pool is to NOT close the pool too early. September has arrived and the kids are all back in school, the outside temperatures have dropped significantly and the pool ma

Although the kids have gone back to school and the pool is out of sight, out of mind; it’s important to not close down the pool too early to prevent algae growth. Below are a few tips when it comes to choosing the best time each year to close the pool:
  • Outside temper

Opening up to a slimy, green pool? If  the pool was not properly winterized in the fall or you are getting the pool up and running later than normal, algae can begin to form in the pool, especially if leaves and other debris were left in the pool last fall. Any debris

If you are using a non-chlorine shock in your swimming pool, you can actually swim 15 minutes later!! That is the beauty of using this type of quick pool shock! When using this type of shock, you also don’t have to wait to shock after dark – it can be added any time through

If you have ever tried to vacuum your pool and realized after a short while that you had very little suction, you know the frustrations are real. So you walk around the pool and over to the filter system and take a peak. You find the pressure gauge is up, indicating that the filter is dirty. Didn’t

Green pools are never a pleasant thing to deal with, especially in the heat of the summer! But now that the kids are getting ready to go back to school, the pool might have been slightly neglected for the last few weeks. So what do you need to do and how can you prevent this from happening in the fu

Swimming pool chlorine is one of the many sanitizer options you can use to keep your pool clean and clear all summer long. Chlorine should always be present in the water to avoid bacteria and algae from growing. If the chlorine level is not kept at the proper 2-5 ppm level at all times, algae can st

Sequestering agents are commonly used in swimming pools to remove water hardness from metals and minerals. They combine with calcium and magnesium ions as well as other heavy metal ions in hard water such as iron and rust, to form molecules in which the ions are held so securely (sequestered) that t

This is such a great question that we hear often, but what is the answer!?Over time, your pool becomes saturated with chemicals, in-organics, body oils and many other components. If these items are left in the water too long (hence, not changing your water often enough) they can become a BIG problem

There are various situations that come up that may warrant a customer questioning whether or not they are able to take down a metal wall pool and set it up again later.Several variables come into play regarding this inquiry that should be considere

A pool heater is made up internally of metal coils which help to produce the heat that warms your pool. When your pH level is not properly maintained, it can greatly lower the lifespan of your pool heater. Here are some things to always watch for and maintain properly, especially if you have a pool

We’ve all made mistakes in the past, we are only human, but let’s debunk the top reasons why our pool ends up a mess and causing us headaches. Summer should be fun and taking care of a pool should be easy, let us show you how!Mistake 4 – Don’t Over BackwashMore is always better right? Not in the cas

There are many ingredients that are different between water softener salt and swimming pool salt. Water softener salt includes additional components that can be very corrosive to your salt cell. Here is what can happen if you use the wrong type of salt in your swimming pool…Calcified Salt CellThe ad

Metal Remover  - This product goes in at the first of each spring before any other items are added to insure that all the metals (iron, copper, rust etc) are protected and taken care of before any chlorine is introduced into the water. In the Omaha metro area we have a high metal content even i

Routine Pool Maintenance For The Entire Summer!BAQUACIL® brand is all about chlorine-free, carefree pool care that fits comfortably into your routine - creating more opportunities for you to enjoy clear, sparkling water all season long. Naturally, some maintenance is required. But what you'll love m

If your pool has ever turned green, you know how frustrating it can be. Bacteria and algae will start to form when there is no sanitizer present. This can occur over a long holiday weekend when the pool was used a lot without an adequate amount of additional sanitizer being added to compensate. It c

There are many different types of filters that you can use on your pool, but which one is the best? Are you tired of having dirty pool water that is always cloudy or green? Has your sand filter been spitting sand back into the pool lately? Do you just want some other options for a pool filter? We ar

At Aqua Palace Spas and Pools we believe taking care of a swimming pool doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. For years, we have assisted our Council Bluffs and Omaha pool customers in making swimming pool maintenance simple and painless. We ac

Are you tired of pulling your solar pool cover on and off every time you want to use the swimming pool? At Aqua Palace Spas and Pools, we know it can be very stressful, especially if you have a large size pool. Solar covers have been around for decades and they do provide a significant amount of hea

What to expect when you are looking to purchase a pool from a big box storeHave you been thinking about rewarding yourself with a little piece of luxury such as a pool or a spa? While browsing thru the big box stores or on their online website you catch a glimpse of th

We're just heading into spring and everyone is thinking ahead to their busy summer swimming season. Here are some tips to help with your swimming pool’s summer maintenance.Change your chemical routine for this summer's swimming seasonThere are an abundant number of reasons your summer chemical maint

In addition to adhering to local regulations pertaining to the security of your swimming pool, alarms are a great addition for protecting your entire family from potentially catastrophic accidents. Swimming pools are meant to be enjoyed by the entire family. Without an alarm, pools can be very dange

It’s that time of year again, the time of year the kids have been counting down the days to and that is OPENING the POOL! Although it may be fun for the kids, it can be a terrifying time of year for the parents, if you aren’t sure what’s lurking under there! If you have opened the cover to find a gr

Have you been fighting a cloudy pool for several days or even weeks now? Maybe you just recently opened the pool, had a big pool party or are trying to get it ready for that perfect holiday party! There are several areas of the pool that you will need to look at to find the problem, some areas you m

Everyone has seen the “blow up ring” pools literally “popping” up all over the place. If you are looking for an inexpensive pool to last just a few months, then you might have found your match. But did you know that this $300-$500 pool will cost you more to maintain than a traditional aboveground po

For anyone considering installing a backyard in-ground swimming pool, the question of maintenance always comes up. Just how much time and energy will it take to maintain the pool? In years gone past, the answer to that question was a lot. With today's technological advances, upgraded products and se

Just as with your vehicles or your home, swimming pools require routine maintenance to keep its water sparkling clean and safe to enjoy. Properly maintaining your pool will extend its life expectancy and minimize many of the more common issues associated with swimming pools.As a swimming pool owner,

Aqua Palace ShowGarden
March 13/2020
Come experience our 1 acre Outdoor ShowGarden! We have a large selection of pool styles & sizes on display, just steps outside our showroom! You will be amazed at the quality and durability of all  of the pool styles we have to

We have some exciting plans coming up for our Outdoor Showgarden in the near future! We love to redesign and freshen up our showgarden on a regular basis and it’s been a few years since we have done so – and we are going BIG this time! Check out wh

Traditional manual pool vacs are always an option if you prefer to do the cleaning yourself. You will need: pole, vac head, vac hose, and a cone or vac plate. The benefit of having a manual pool vac is if there is only one section of the swimming pool that is dirty, you can

Robotic vacs have become the most popular way to keep your inground pool clean! There are a number of different types and sizes of robotic vacs, depending on your size of pool, water depth, incline and slope of your deep end and the functions that you wish to have on the va

If you have the original cartridge or sand filter that came with your Intex pool, you are restricted on what swimming pool vacs will work for your filter system. The best vac in that case, is called the Black Magic or Leaf

Nobody wants to walk out and see their beautiful pool green or yellow with envy! “But it was BEAUTIFUL just yesterday, what happened”, you might ask? Algae and bacteria form very quickly with the right conditions (or wrong conditions I guess you could say!) If the chlorine

Why do I need to shock my pool?Use of Chlorine is one of the most popular methods of killing bacteria.  While Chlorine does a great job of killing the bacteria, it doesn’t necessarily get rid of particles in the water.  Lack of shocking y

Most likely, the cause is a Bacterial growth in the water.  This can be the result of 3 major categories:1)      Inadequate filtration and circulation2)      Shortage of sanitizer in the water3)    &

The foundation of the above-ground pool is very important to maintaining a comfortable feel, and also maintaining a solid structure for years to come.  Many individuals use sand as a basic fo

Top 5 Tips to Polar Plunging In Your Own Backyard Pool“Plunging” has become an extremely popular topic recently and we have received quite a few calls regarding the safety of being able to do the plunge in your own backyard pool. Here are the top 5 tips to insure your safet

In the BeginningHave you ever thought of a hobby as a career? One of those little ideas that snowballs into something with a life of it’s own? That is sort of the Aqua Palace story.Our owners, Scott and Cindy, both had other occupations, Scott was involved with the family d

Now that the kiddos are back to school, you may be thinking the next project on your list should be closing up the pool. With all of the kids sports starting up soon and all of their after school activities, you don’t think you’ll have time to swim anymore, so why keep it r

Stabilizer – If you are using a form of a non-stablilized chlorine, it is IMPERATIVE that you use a stabilizer in conjunction with your sanitizer. Non-stabilized chlorine is not able to effectively work if there is no stabilizer. Think of stabilizer being like “sun block” –

When it comes to opening your pool, the process will go much easier if your pool is closed down properly. When spring arrives and Memorial Day shows up on the calendar, people start to think about opening up their pool for the swimming season ahead. Do you have a set time e

It is never recommended to swim in a swimming pool if there is algae present. Why is this so? Isn’t is like swimming in a lake? Read on to find out the main concerns:Water Clarity is a drowning hazardIf the water is cloudy or green and you can’t see all the way to the botto

Over time, your pool becomes saturated with chemicals, in-organics, body oils and many other components. If these items are left in the water too long (hence, not changing your water often enough) they can become a BIG problem and can even cause algae to form!It is recommen

Swimming Pool Size and GallonsOval Swimming Pool12’x24’ oval – 8,640 gallons14’x28’ oval – 11,760 gallons15’x30’ oval – 13,500 gallons16’x32’ oval – 15,400 gallons18’x36’ oval – 19,400 gallons20’x40’ oval – 24,000 gallonsRound Swimming Pool12’ round – 3,398 gallons15’ round

Swimming pool shock is used to help eliminate dead and decaying bacteria in the water. Once the product is added to the water, a reaction occurs which gases the dead bacteria off into the air. Swimming pool shock can either be a chlorine based shock or a non-chlorine based

There are many different types and strengths of swimming pool algaecides, however we will talk about two of the main components found in most algaecides, how they work, and the difference between the two.PolyQuat AlgaecidesThese types of algaecides are strong chelating agen

There are several different types of swimming pool clarifiers that can be used, depending on the issue that you are trying to prevent and/or clear up.If your water is cloudy, it is recommended to use a clarifier that deals specifically with cloudy water. This type of clarif

There are tons of reasons why owning your own pool and being able to swim on a regular basis is the best idea ever! Not only will you always know where your kids are (because they will always be in the pool), but it can have some life changing health benefits for you and th

Test strips can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with what you are testing your swimming pool water for. Chlorine is your sanitizer which kills the bacteria in the water. Your pH level is important to keep in range to prevent irritation to anyone swimming and to prevent

Does your basement look like it could be part of a science or chemistry class with all of your pool chemicals laying around? We know it can seem overwhelming with all of these different products, some with big hazard stickers on them. Do I really need all these pool chemica

Salt pools have gained so much popularity over the last decade, but there is so much misinformation out there that we wanted to help set the record straight so you can make an informed decisions if a salt pool is going to be best for you. Before you make the decision to con

Congrats! You’ve selected the perfect swimming pool for your kids and family to enjoy for years to come! You know exactly where you are going to place the pool and how you are going to get it here! The only thing left to decide is… how will you pay for it? There are many fi

Are you ready to enjoy your summer by the pool even more than you have in the past? Now you can jam out all afternoon while taking a relaxing swim in your pool with this Top 12 Poolside Playlist:I Get Around – The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls – The Beach BoysParadise City – G

When it comes to opening your pool, the process will go much easier if your pool is closed down properly. When spring arrives and Memorial Day shows up on the calendar, people start to think about opening up their pool for the swimming season ahead. Do you have a set time e

A – Alkalinity – Not as important as your pH level, however this will show you how easily it will be to change your pH level if it is out of range. By adjusting the pH level, you will usually cause the alkalinity to move in the same direction.B – Bromine – Type of sanitizer

Ready to enjoy September in your pool? If you would like to enjoy your pool now until November, simply add on a pool heater and get ready to swim for a few more months! Why not get the most time out of your backyard investment?!Types of Pool HeatersPool heaters can either b

Aboveground pools provide considerable enjoyment on their own, but if you have children at home, you will probably hear requests for a slide to be added to the pool soon after set-up is completed!There are things to consider before purchasing a slide for your aboveground po

We’ve all made mistakes in the past, we are only human, but let’s debunk the top reasons why our pool ends up a mess and causing us headaches. Summer should be fun and taking care of a pool should be easy, let us show you how!Mistake 1 – Shock During the DayIt is very impor

The best time to switch your pool from Baquacil to Chlorine would be early in the spring or late in the fall. It can take approximately 2-5 weeks for the full conversion, so allow yourself enough time at the beginning or end of the season to do so, without cutting into your

Ever wonder what might be the best way to add chlorine to your pool? Wondering if there might be an easier way? Well there probably is! There are 4 different ways that you can add chlorine to your aboveground or in-ground swimming pool, which include:Automatically feeding t

After a rainstorm your pool might look less than desirable. What do I need to do after a rainstorm to make sure my pool stays clear (or to get it clear again!) We will show you what you need to do! Chlorine PoolIf you are on a standard chlorine pool (using granular or

There are a few important things to remember when taking care of your pool all summer to keep it crystal clean and clear! Here is the recommended routine maintenance and the items you will need to have to make that happen!Metal Control – This product goes in at the first of

Air pillows have been used for decades, but is it really the best way to winterize a pool? Are they really needed? Here are our findings…Easier cleanup in the springAir pillows were originally used when closing aboveground pools to make it easier to clean off the water and

We know you have had a fun summer and are dreading “packing up” the swimming pool, but it is that time of year again. Not sure where to start? Here's what you need to know to close down your aboveground pool this year? Read on!Adjust Chlor and pH LevelsMake sure that all of

Vacations can be so much fun and are definitely needs for every family from time to time! However, what do you do with your pool in the summer when going on a family vacation so it doesn’t turn green on you? There are several important steps (and products!) that insure your

There are several basic items that you will always need to have on hand at all times throughout the pool season.
  • Chlorine (tablets or granular depending on size and type of pool)
  • Metal Control
  • Test Kit
  • Pool Shock
  • pH adjusters
  • C

In order to make sure that your pool stays clean and clear, it is important to have all of the needed products on hand to maintain your salt system. Here are the products you should have on hand in order to properly open and maintain your pool this summer!
  • Profession

There are several reasons that the chlorine level could be registering low in your pool and it is super important to find out the reason why and to properly attack the problem before it gets out of hand! Here are a few reasons your chlorine level m

If you are tired of those old bulky solar covers that you can never pull off by yourself, then you NEED to try Liquid Solar in your swimming pool this summer!What It IsLiquid Solar is a unique product that when added to your swimming pool daily will create a protective barr

There’s need to be a chemist to maintain your swimming pool water!Testing your water's pH level doesn't have to be a hassle!There are two ways to test your swimming pool, either by test strips or a liquid drop testing kit. Using one of these methods is the only accurate way

Keeping a consistent chlorine level in your swimming pool is very important and will protect your swimmers as well as prevent your pool from looking murky. Do you have to check on your swimming pool every single day? Usually not. There are so ways to make life a lot easier,

Muriatic Acid CAN be used in a swimming pool to help low pH or alkalinity! You should be careful when using this product as it is very corrosive. If you feel more comfortable with a safer alternative, we also have Acid Magic and powder pH adjusters

It is important to make sure the pool chemistry is properly adjusted before closing the pool. Ensure that the pH is 7.5 and the chlorine is 2-3 ppm. If using a salt system, the chlorine should be 2-3 ppm as well. If you are using a Baquacil or Biqunide product, your sanitiz

If some water is good, more is better right!? Not necessarily.If your pool is over-flowing from the recent rains or if you left the garden hose in the pool a little too long, you could be causing more work for yourself when it comes to keeping your

We are very honored to be able to hold a CBP Certification and offer our clients the best skills when it comes to pool building, in the entire Omaha metro area! Our owner Scott, who not only designs and helps lay out your perfect backyard paradise,

Salt systems have gained popularity over the last few years, but a lot of information on how to properly operate salt systems and what is still entailed in order to keep your swimming pool crystal clear is usually left out. If you have been having

The summer may have passed you by, but you don’t have to miss out on the fantastic savings still going on this fall! Our IN HOUSE Swimming Pool LAYAWAY program is the PERFECT way to SAVE a bundle on your perfect pool, so you are ready to swim next summer!Layaway is availabl

Remove sand filter drain cap on the bottom of the sand filter tank. Leave cap off for the winter time to allow all moisture to drain out, so the tank does not freeze or crack.Rotate control valve handle to the WINTERIZE position.Remove all filter connection hoses completely

Did you know that ALL of the staff at Aqua Palace IS CPO Certified!? We are!We are super proud of this accomplishment from all of our employees! This is a prestige honor in the Pool & Spa Industry to be CPO (Certified Pool & Spa Operator) c

Get CPO Certified
March 06/2020
Looking to get CPO Certified?Aqua Palace hosts several CPO classes right here in the Omaha Metro each year! Our classes are held at our store location (810 Woodbury Ave in Council Bluffs, Iowa) with our owner Scott as the Certified CPO Instructor!We Know Water!After being i

Remove drain cap on bottom of filter canister.Remove cap and place where you can find it in the spring.Unscrew canister lid.Lift canister top lid completely off.Remove filter from inside of filter canister. Rinse filter and keep in garage or shed to use for initial cleanup in the Spring.Remove remai

So you have bought a new home with a swimming pool or have recently installed a pool and it’s time to close your swimming pool for the season. You’ve read up on how to close the swimming pool, but how do you cover it when it’s done and ready for winter.  We recommend u

The warm weather is here and the pool is open, but is your swimming pool up to code and are you taking the proper precautions?

Swimming Pool Fences

Swimming pool fences are not only key to keeping your pool safe when you are not around, they are also, in many ca

Imagine a calming oasis you could escape to, relax and let the cares of the day drift away. Now imagine that oasis is your own backyard! We want to help you accomplish exactly that. We offer a wide variety  of hot tub services, products and designs, making it easier th

Owning a pool is a great experience, but it does come with expenses.  Today, we want to share some simple tips that will help save you money and also help the environment.Pool CoversPerhaps one of the most simple yet often overlooked solutions to saving money. Using your pool cover when the poo

It is important to make sure the pool chemistry is properly adjusted before closing the pool. Ensure that the pH is 7.5 and the chlorine is 2-3 ppm. If using a salt system, the chlorine should be 2-3 ppm as well. If you are using a Baquacil or Biqunide product, your sanitiz

Four Fun Games for the Pool
September 15/2019
Any day spent by the pool is a good day, but sometimes we all get bored.  This Summer shake things up by injecting these 4 fun games into your old routines. These games are fun, easy and don’t require anything that you don’t have laying around the house.Games are a great way to engage with stub

Get your sun tan on…safely
September 01/2019
Who doesn’t love lounging by the swimming pool, soaking up the sun and enjoying a lazy summer day. Everyone loves to get that perfect tan. These days we understand that it’s ok to be in the sun be we have be careful and protect our skin from harmful damage.  There are lots of great tricks to he

When was the last time you changed the sand in your pool filter? Your pool filter sand is one of those things that only gets changed every so often.  Usually, every 3 or 4 years, because of this it can be easy to forget.Clean sand in your pool filter is a very important part of keeping your poo

If you have a swimming pool, then you’ll understand when we say that the length of your pool season is precious and anything you can do to extend it is certainly worth investigating.It’s All About TemperatureThe key to extending your swimming season is heating your pool.  In Canada, where we ha

We all know how much fun pools can be, but fun is only one of their benefits. Swimming and other water activities are fantastic methods of exercise! With a touch of that summer fun thrown in, you can get an entire, well-balanced workout in the pool and not even notice it. We have some simple pool ex

Opening your swimming pool is one of the first priorities of Summer and we want to help you get off to the right start.  We’d be happy to help you open your swimming pool, but if you have the do it yourself spirit, here are step by step instructions on how to open your pool.Pro Tip: If this is

Eating healthy by your swimming pool can be fun and easy and delicious. Finding the perfect poolside snack however isn’t easy. The ideal snack should be light, refreshing, easily digestible and of course it has to be tasty. This Summer look like a super star chef with these 3 easy recipes.Pro Tip: N

Pools can be great fun for the entire family – including the fluffiest members. Having a pet and a pool can have tremendous benefits. It’s an easy way for your pooch to cool down in hot temperatures and it can provide them with a fantastic method o

Kids of all ages love hanging by the pool. This summer show all the kids in your life a great time by hosting the perfect pool party. Hosting a pool party should be as fun for the host as it is for the guests. With that in mind, here’s a checklist

Planning your swimming pool renovation can be a daunting task.  How to do it, who to choose and what exactly to renovate and of course when to do it are all important considerations in planning the perfect swimming po

Just because there’s a pool does not mean that everyone can or enjoys swimming in it. Not everyone swims, but everyone does love to cool off and play. Fortunately, not every fun pool activity has to involve swimming! We have some great ideas on how

Simple Swim Safety Tips
February 15/2019
We want you and your family to be happy and safe around your pool. With safety concerns out of the way you and your family can focus on the fun to be had and the memories to be made! We know that with a few standard precautions your pool and family

Perfect pool water is key to enjoying time with your friends and family in the swimming pool. A swim with friends on a hot day can be a wonderful treat and create a fun memory. Don’t let it be ruined by poor water quality.  Often people over complicate balancing swimming pool water. It’s not th

We love our pools and we also love our planet. We want both to be as happy and healthy an environment as possible. We want all pools to be green…just not with algae!To that end, we have put together a list of ways that you can put your pool on the

You’ve been a responsible swimming pool owner and tried your best to take good care of your investment. But now, it’s been several years and you’re starting to wonder if it’s time to replace your pool liner.

How to Find Out if You Need to Replace your pool liner

There is nothing better than a pool on a hot summer day, enjoying time with friends and family, having a few cocktails or beers poolside or just relaxing in the water in a comfortable pool lounger. However, getting your fi

While pools can be a tremendous amount of fun for the whole family, they can also be dangerous and need to be taken seriously. Water and swimming pool safety is of the ut