Why it’s important to NOT close up the swimming pool too early
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Why it’s important to NOT close up the swimming pool too early
March 15/2020

Although the kids have gone back to school and the pool is out of sight, out of mind; it’s important to not close down the pool too early to prevent algae growth. Below are a few tips when it comes to choosing the best time each year to close the pool:
  • Outside temperature should be 50 degrees consistently or lower for several weeks before thinking about closing the pool.
  • Chemicals should be added on a routine basis to keep the water clear even if you are not using the pool on a regular basis.
  • Pool should be vacuumed from any debris on a regular basis to prevent high phosphate levels which will cause algae to form easier.
Even if you are not swimming in the pool anymore, it is much better to keep the pool chemical levels in the proper ranges, keep the pool clean and water circulating at all times. You will go through much less chlorine when the temperatures cool off a little as well, so it really does not cost that much to keep the pool open a little longer, even when nobody is using the pool.

Closing the swimming pool up too early, without the levels being in the proper ranges, or the pool floor dirty is the perfect storm to create a swimming pool swamp by the spring time.

Winterization chemicals are only good for a short period of time. They are meant to last a few weeks at max before the water freezes in the fall which will then preserve the product in the pool until the water starts to thaw in the spring. Once thawed, the chemicals are still active to work for another few weeks until the pool should be opened. Waiting too long to open the pool when the temperatures are increasing, the water is not circulating and the chemicals have become deactivated will cause algae to form as well.

Closing the pool up too early in the fall and or waiting too late in the spring to open will almost guarantee an algae infested pool. Yes, it can be cleaned up usually, however it could take several weeks and even hundreds of dollars in chemicals to correct the issue.

Please think smart when it comes to closing and opening your swimming pool to help conserve the amount of money it costs you each season to operate your pool!
For further instructions on how to properly close down your swimming pool, click here!

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