Aqua Palace Polaris Days Pool Robotic Vacuum Sale Going On NOW!
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Aqua Palace Polaris Days Pool Robotic Vacuum Sale Going On NOW!
March 18/2020

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Looking for more fun in the sun this summer? Would you rather spend more time swimming in the pool rather than cleaning the pool? You are not alone! Nobody wants to spend most of the summer cleaning the pool in the hot sun instead of enjoying the pool from the water! During our Polaris Days Vacuum Sale, we have plenty of different models of robotic pool cleaners that can do just that; clean your pool quickly and leave more time for you to play in the sun!

What’s a Robotic Vacuum?
Wondering what a robotic vacuum might be? If it sounds pretty high-tech, well it really is! These vacuums work independently and don’t require pressure or suction from your pool filter to operate them. This means you don’t have to hook the vacuum into your pool skimmer or return line! This is good news because you will not have to clean out your pump pot baskets or backwash or clean your filter as often! The debris is captured right inside the vacuum vessel itself. Simply plug in the control box of the vacuum and allow the box to sit on the side of the pool on the deck, while you toss in the vacuum and hit the power button! It’s that simple! There are usually 2 different cleaning cycles, one that will clean the floor only (apprx 2 hrs runtime) and then one that will do the floor and the walls (apprx 3 hrs runtime). As soon as the runtime is over, it will automatically shut off, so that you are able to clean   the debris out of the canister!

How Well Do Robotics Clean?
They clean extremely well and very efficiently! Within just a few hours of one cleaning cycle, most pools will have been totally cleaned at least twice during that time! Some robotic models are meant to just clean the bottom of the pool floor, while not climbing the walls. There are several models that do, however, climb the walls and clean above and below the tile line as well as the floor! This makes for a very unique clean, to insure that you don’t have to clean a single thing!

What is Aqua Palace Polaris Days?
There are only select sale days throughout the year that Aqua Palace is able to offer you ridiculously lower prices (even lower than our normal sale prices!) These sales are backed by the manufacture, Polaris, which prides itself in a quality vac for a great price. Purchasing a vac during our Polaris Days event will insure that you are getting the LOWEST price on these vacs that you will ever see while receiving professional in house service for life! Manufacture rebates are also going on RIGHT NOW which means after you purchase the vac and mail it in, you will automatically receive a manufacture rebate Visa Card, thanking you for your purchase of a super efficient Robotic Pool Vac! Hurry in, sale is only for a limited time and so are the manufacture rebates!! July 1st- July 4th Only!

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