Are you over your Intex filter system? Check out how we can make life easier!
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Are you over your Intex filter system? Check out how we can make life easier!
March 18/2020

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Has your Intex pool pump bit the dust? Are you left wondering what to do next to prevent your pool from turning into a lake? We are here to make your life a lot easier…that is if you are up for it! Who isn’t up for easier maintenance, less cleaning, and less money spent on chemicals? Read on to find out how you can have a carefree pool at last!

So, the kids were hounding you about getting a pool. You weren’t planning on having anything permanent or even anything that was going to last more than a year or two – just something to appease them for now. You now have an Intex in your backyard and things were going peachy….until that horrible day when you realized your filter system bit the dust.  Did you know your Intex filter only circulated at max 8 gpm (gallons per minute)? That is over 3 times lower than the average filter system that we use on our pools! What benefits are a higher gpm flow pump and filter system going to do for you? Read on!

Cleaner Water:
Have you had problems previously getting your pool to be sparkling clear like you see your neighbors? When you add chemicals, does it go instantly cloudy? You are not the only one! Since Intex filter systems are only pulling 1/3 of the water thru the filter system each hour that they should be, you will always have a problem with the water being slightly to extremely hazy. Who wants to swim in a cloudy pool? No One! By simply replacing your existing (and broken down) Intex filter system with one of our larger cartridge or sand filters, you will greatly improve how fast your water is filtered (up to 4 times faster!), therefore allowing the necessary particles to be captured in the filter like they should.  Any of the filter systems we carry start out at a 30 gpm range! That is a HUGE difference in water quality! Want to know something crazy? Our Marquis hot tubs usually require 2 filters at a time and have more than 6 times the surface area than your Intex pool filter! What’s wrong with this picture? A hot tub, with a max of 450 gallons has 6 times the cleaning ability compared to your 5,000 gal Intex pool? Something MUST change!

Less Chemicals:
With a better filtration system comes the added benefit of using less chemicals! Why is this? You are having to currently over compensate with additional chemicals due to your filter not performing like it should. All the chemicals that you are adding currently take longer to get dispersed thru the pool, since the water is being filtered at a slower rate. In addition to the lower flow rate, you can also get “dead areas” in the pool which is where algae will form. These areas are usually on the opposite side of the pool from where your return line is. Dead pockets in the water = ALGAE NIGHTMARE! Also by using our professional grade chemicals you can use a lot less because they are much stronger and a lot more concentrated and don’t contain fillers! We guarantee less hassles, less time cleaning, and less chemicals when you upgrade to our filter systems and continue to use our seasonal chemical kits!

Very Little Cleaning:
With a larger filter system, you can cut down your cleaning time by up to ½! How is this possible? Well for one, you have a filter system that is finally doing what it should! It is circulating the particles off the surface of the water a lot better so all you have to worry about are the items that have dropped to the bottom! Now with a larger filter system, you have better options for different types of vacuums! We have standard manual vacuums that you would push along the bottom to pick up the debris and we also have automatic vacuums (and yes you can even use these vacs on your Intex with a new upgraded filter system!) With the auto vacs, you simply throw them in the pool, hook them into your skimmer and away they go! Come out in the morning and it will have circled your pool at least 3-4 times overnight….leaving it perfectly clean and free from leaves, dirt and other debris! We can turn your hours of frustration trying to find a vac that you can actually use on your Intex pool (and one that will actually do something!) into hours of fun in the pool! Who wants to stand around and clean the pool for several hours a day? No One! And you don’t have to either, with a filter upgrade from Aqua Palace! See you soon!

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