Hot Tub Water Chemistry Tips - Keep Your Spa Filters Clean!
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Hot Tub Water Chemistry Tips - 7 Keep Your Spa Filters Clean!
March 15/2023

Have you ever gone out to your Omaha hot tub in the middle of the winter and been frightened to find that your spa is 52 degrees and is not heating? A lot of things start flooding through your mind such as “Did the power go out?” “Do I have power to the hot tub?” “Is my GFCI breaker bad?” “How long has it been like this?” And then you call us - Aqua Palace, Omaha's Largest Spa and Hot Tub Dealer!

Check the Filters First
The first step that we have everybody do when they say their spa is not heating is to simply pull the filters out of your spa, increase the temperature and see what happens. Most of the time the hot tub will kick onto low speed and begin to heat your spa with no issues! Your spa filters are extremely important, read on to see why!

Your hot tub filters provide the adequate filtration that is needed to keep the body oils, sweat, hair follicles, and other items that are on the surface of the water circulating through the filter so that they can be trapped, so they don’t recirculate back through the spa. Cleaning is very important, and is sometimes overlooked by users.

Rinse and Repeat
Pull out your hot tub filters and rinse them with just hot water on a monthly basis. This keeps them working at their prime capacity by removing the debris that is currently in it and getting it out of the spa, so that the new particles can be collected and gathered in the filter.
Soak them in a special filter cleaning solution every 3-4 months. This will clear the filters of the debris that may cause any restrictions, which could therefore cause your heater to not kick on for safety reasons!

Replace Your Hot Tub Filter Yearly
It is important to replace your Omaha hot tubs filters every 9-12 months. Even if the filters look clean and white, there has been approximately 1 million gallons of water that have traveled throughout that filter within 9-12 months which causes the filter pleats to break down and become dull like a razor. This means they will not pick up the necessary particles in the water.

Marquis' Superior Filtration System
A Marquis Spa is very effective with its Constant Clean Filtration System at keeping your water filtered properly. It knows when you get in and out of your Omaha hot tub and will automatically go through a cleanup cycle 30 mins after you have exited the spa, to clean up what you have left behind! That way your water is always sparkling clean and ready for your next use! Check us out as your local Omaha Marquis Spa dealer and find out why Marquis Spas is the only manufacturer to have this Constant Clean Filtration System that is hands down the best against any other hot tub on the market in Omaha!

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