How To Drain and Clean Your Hot Tub Properly!
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How To Drain and Clean Your Hot Tub Properly!
August 30/2021

You've been enjoying your hot tub for the past 3-4 months and it's now time to drain, clean and refill your spa! What do I need to do!? 
Don't worry, we will show you!  It is recommend every 3-4 months to fully drain, clean and refill your hot tub. In the fall/winter months - it is best to plan ahead as to when you drain the spa as late into the fall as possible. This will allow you to make your next spa drain and refill into the nicer early Pre-Spring days of February and March! The temp just needs to be above freezing in order to drain and refill! 

Turn power off: 
You will need to turn the power off to the unit before proceeding with draining the spa. If you have a 110v spa, you can simply unplug the cord from the outlet. If you have a 220v hardwired unit, you can simply turn the breaker off on your outside disconnect box. 

Ways to drain spa: 
Every hot tub is built with a gravity feed drain hose in the motor compartment area or on the outside of the base of the spa (usually on the same side as your control panel). You can simply connected a standard garden hose to this fitting and open the valve, which will drain the water out in 2-3 hours usually. If you want a faster way to drain, pick up a submersible sump pump. You can then drain the spa in 45 mins or less! 

What do I do with the spa water:
If proper water chemistry has been kept in the hot tub, especially at the time of draining, the water is perfectly fine to be drained into your yard or flower garden. With our normal chlorine levels ranging between 2-4 ppm, there would not be any more chlorine in the spa water than there would be out of your regular city water. The mineral content that is in the aged spa water is actually great fertilizer for grass and plants! Spreading the hose around in your yard while it is draining can prevent pooling and muddy spots.  

Cleaning of shell & filters:
Once the hot tub is drained, now is the perfect time to wipe down the inside shell with Spa Perfect and a damp cloth or Duramitt. This can help to remove any oils, calcium or metal residue that may have been left behind. Any water that is left in the bottom of the spa (unless noticeably hazy, cloudy or dirty looking) does not need to be removed. Drain the spa as low as you can, the rest of the water will be diluted with the fresh water and not cause any harm. If the water remaining is discolored, cloudy or hazy: use a wet/dry shop vac to remove the rest of the water before refilling. Also, take out your filter(s) and rinse them out with fresh water from your garden hose, or inside sink. A quick filter cleaning solution Such as Rapid Action Filter Cleaner or Spa Guard Filter Cleaner , should be used every few months. This product gets sprayed on for 30 mins and then rinsed off very well. Once or twice a year it is recommended to soak the filters overnight in a solution such as Filter Fresh and then rinsed very well, to degrime the filter more fully. Spa filters should be replaced fully every 9-12 months on average. If you have harder water such as well water, filters may need to be replaced sooner. Rinsing the filter throughly is very important after using a solution on it, as it can cause the water to be foamy in the spa if any solution is still on filter. 

Time to refill: 
Now it's time to refill the spa! If you used the gravity feed to drain, make sure to remove the hose and close the valve. If you used a sump pump, remove the hose and pump at this time. Toss in your garden hose and start filling! Make sure to keep power OFF until the spa is fully refilled to the proper level. 

Clean and Protect the Cover:
The cover takes a lot of abuse from the outside elements and sun. Applying the Cover Cleaner or 303 Protectant  to your spa cover after every drain and refill will help protect it form the elements and freshen up the look as well! The 303 product has a UV protection in it that will keep the vinyl from deteriorating and bring the color back to life. The underneath side of the cover can be cleaned by mixing some granular chlorine in water and scrubbing it down with a sponge. This will help to eliminate any odors you may have noticed coming from the cover. 

Set a reminder 3 months from now to drain and refill your spa again and then sit back and Enjoy a nice relaxing soak in your own backyard hot tub! 

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