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How to Plan for an Inground Pool in 2021!
February 18/2021

Updated 2/18/2021

Once you've decided to dive (pun intended) into purchasing an in-ground swimming pool that you and your friends can enjoy for years down the road, where do you start? After all, this is a huge endeavor and as such, you should do some research to become as familiar as possible about the in's and out's of pool ownership. We are here to help make the process seamless! 

Why a pool now?
We have learned alot over the last year during the pandemic. Pools have always been a dream for almost everybody - something they wish they could have in their own backyard. The pandemic has driven the pool & spa industry to new heights that we have never seen before. Swimming pools can bring alot of therapy, relaxation and genuine family time and many have taken the dive into having their own swimming pool built in the upcoming year! Have you thought about what you are looking for in a pool? Size, Shape, Water Depth, Features? Are you looking to swim laps or just lounge? How many people will be using the pool on a regular basis? 

What kinds of features would complete your dream pool?
When looking to have a dream pool installed there are many areas to consider beyond style and functionality. To ensure you have selected the correct design we at Aqua Palace recommend thinking of your whole backyard. Several of our customers find that they want to customize their surrounds while having a pool installed. Designing a pool is more than just adding a diving board, sundeck, or slide on the in-ground pool for your kids to enjoy. During the design phase of your dream pool, think about if you want added security such as an auto cover, fence, heating, water feature or lighting. We suggest making your backyard like a vacation from home - always ready to use and only a few steps out the backdoor! No all day traveling, no crowded pools - your own tropical paradise!

Contact Aqua Palace for a Custom Pool Design
Ok, you now have some idea of what you want in a swimming pool, so it's time to start researching pool builders.  At Aqua Palace, we have years of experience in installing in-ground pools. Our team has won several National & International Design Awards. Our designer is also the pool builder - seeing every aspect of each project, literally from the start to the finish. We are a part of United Aqua Group which is one of the most respected group of pool builders across the nation. We purchase directly from the manufactures, providing you the best price on all of your pool products. Our builder is also a Certified Pool & Spa Builder! This is a prestige accreditation that very few across the US have. 
You can learn more about CBP accreditation here:

If You’re Shopping for In-ground Pools Experts Be Thorough!
While we want to install your in-ground pool, we understand that you need to do your research on what you are looking for as well as who you feel comfortable with. We recommend to be thorough in your research. Try to narrow your search down to two pool builders to prevent confusion.

Things to look for:
  • What types of in-ground pools and maintenance services do they offer?
  • Do they offer testimonials from satisfied clients on their website
  • How long have they been in the industry and are they CBP certified?
  • Do they have a showroom or examples of pools they've installed?
  • Do they have sub contractors? 

Communication is Key with a Pool Builder!
Some projects are more complex than others, so communication is key, especially to ensure that you're in compliance with your specific township regulations. This could involve multiple visits to your home and to the pool builder's facility. In addition to communication be sure to thoroughly read through the contract, ensuring that it covers the scope of the installation as you and the pool builder have agreed upon.

What you will get from Aqua Palace!
  • Certified Pool & Spa Builder, accredited by PHTA (Pool and Hot Tub Alliance) 
  • Designer/Builder is Certified Pool & Spa Operator Instructor  (CPO - Pool and Hot Tub Alliance) 
  • Start to finish, working with the same person, removes long lead times between sub-contractors & miscommunications 
  • Family Owned & Operated, second generation company 
  • High Quality Products & Workmanship
  • Innovative designs and ideas 
  • Service after the install 
  • Discounts on all watercare products for life
  • Custom pools will less maintenance and upkeep than most other pools

What is the next step?
We are currently booking inground pool builds into 2023 at this time, due to the high demand. It is not too early to get planning on your dream backyard pool! Please give us a call to get started with the initial appointment - 712-329-4180.  We will need a few pictures of your backyard from a few different angles as well as the side of the house prior to our first meeting, so we can see what we have to work with. 

Looking for more inspiration? 
Call Aqua Palace Today (712) 329-4180!
Want more information? Contact us. Aqua Palace is family owned and operated, offering above ground and in-ground pools, hot tubs, spas and saunas specializing in pool design, installation and repair to local (Omaha and Council Bluffs) and long distance residents (within the US). We are the only Marquis dealer in the Omaha Metro Area with the largest showroom east of the continental divide. Not located in Omaha? No worries, check out our online store for pool and spa chemicals, supplies and accessories.

You can also view all of our inground pool options here: 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!