Keeping Fit in the Swimming Pool
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Keeping Fit in the Swimming Pool
June 01/2019

We all know how much fun pools can be, but fun is only one of their benefits. Swimming and other water activities are fantastic methods of exercise! With a touch of that summer fun thrown in, you can get an entire, well-balanced workout in the pool and not even notice it. We have some simple pool exercise options that will have you feeling fit (and having fun) all at the same time!

Treading Water in the Pool
Treading water is a tried-and-true pool exercise. We learn how to tread water to stay afloat, but used independently as a method of exercise it can be hugely beneficial. It delivers an excellent cardio exercise as well as a great full-body and heart-healthy workout. Sometimes the simplest methods are the best!

Classic Swim Laps or Squat and Splash
Laps are often the go-to exercise when people think of swimming pool exercises. And while laps can be great, they can be tricky to complete if you have small children with you. We are big believers that if you can include your children in exercises it can be beneficial for them and more fun for you!

Try the Squat and Splash! While in the shallow end of the pool have your child hang on to you with their legs around your waist. Lower yourself and the child down in a squat towards the water until the child splashes in and then slowly stand back up. It’s a weighted squat that’s easy on the joints and great fun for your child. Win-win-win!

Use Your Children as Weights
When it comes to kids, there is always the classic – the Water Toss! Simply pick up your child in the water and toss them into the air. If your child is not a swimmer, catch them just at the moment they start to splash back into the water. If your child is a swimmer (and is comfortable), toss them all around the pool. The kids will love the attention and splashy fun and your arms will enjoy the workout!

Never underestimate all the benefits a pool has to offer. To find out more about water exercises or to stock up on in-pool workout equipment contact us today. We have all sorts of great tools to help you achieve your aquatic exercise goals.