Kick Algae to the Curb!
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Kick Algae to the Curb!
March 18/2020

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Are you tired of dealing with a green pool this summer? Are you wondering why it keeps returning? The problem can be somewhat complex, but cleaning it up can be a breeze! Here are some tips on what you may be missing and how to keep the algae away (for good!) from your Omaha metro pool!

Why does algae appear?
Algae is only able to grow when there is a low or non existents chlorine presence in the pool. If the proper chlorine level is always maintained and you never have periods of high chlorine levels and then extremely low chlorine levels, you should never have a problem with algae! Chlorine is the key item (although it is not the only item needed to properly maintain your pool) at preventing bacteria from growing.  Your chlorine level should be kept within 2-3 ppm range at all times. If it is always showing too low, you will need to keep more chlorine tablets in the pool, adjust your automatic chlorine feeder if you have one, or switch to another strength and or form of chlorine. Keep in mind that algae can start to form within hours if the right conditions are present. Heat, rain, and not having an adequate filtration system or not running it 24/7 can cause algae to form as well.

How do I get rid of the swamp in my pool?
Based on the pools size as well as the condition of it, we can find the perfect “recipe” to get your pool back on track and can turn it from a swamp to a crystal clear pool in as quick as one day! We do provide a Swamp Kit, which includes a bottle of our strongest algaecide as well as 8 bags of strong pool shock. Depending on the size of pool will depend on if you will add the whole swamp kit at once, or just portions of it. There are some instances that it may take several days and or up to a week to fully clear up the pool, depending on the quality of the filtration system and how bad of condition the pool is in.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?
It’s very simple….keep your chlorine and pH levels in balance at all times and leave your filter running 24/7! If you have a smaller filtration system that may be inadequate for your size of pool that can hinder keeping the proper levels of chlorine in your pool and can also make it harder to keep it crystal clear all summer long and free of bacteria. If you feel you might have too small of a filtration system on your pool, we would recommend speaking with one of our specialists that can help address this problem and get your Omaha pool back on track. All too often pools are sold with a very inadequate filtration system on them. Filtration is the name of the game and if you have a poor quality filter system, you can battle a lot of problems and cause yourself even more headaches then are needed! See you soon!

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