Looking for a high-quality soft sided aboveground pool?
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Looking for a high-quality soft sided aboveground pool?
March 18/2020

For over 20 years, Aqua Palace has been the leader in the Omaha Metro area for  Premium Soft Sided pools ! Below are just a few of the reasons why a high-quality soft sided pool will bring you MANY years of backyard enjoyment, with a lot less hassle than most aboveground pool options available – Take a look!


Our  softside pools  will outlast any other softside on the market, hands down. The average life expectancy of our Premium Softside pools are 20-30+ years! With an Aqua Palace softside, you will receive a 10 year to 30 year manufacture warranty (depending on the series you choose). This style of pool will last 20-30 years minimum!

Ease of Maintenance
With the professional grade filter systems that we offer with our  softside pools,  your cost & time of maintenance are cut in half compared to most other aboveground pools! Our average soft side customers spend $300 or less a year for chemicals and spend less than 10 mins a day maintaining the pool! You will have more time to enjoy the pool, rather than cleaning it!

Quick Installation/Consumer Friendly
Our  softside pools  go up, start to finish, in 3-4 hrs! They are super easy to assemble and don’t even require any tools! Many of our clients save thousands, as they are able to install it themselves and everything fits in the back of a pickup truck! Grab a friend and have a little fun for a short afternoon!  

Cost effective
The best part about our  Premium Softside pools , is there are NO liners that ever have to be replaced! Don’t spend anymore time or money on replacement liners, like traditional metal wall pools require! These pools are build tough and will withstand the kids rough-housing and even storms, unlike most other aboveground pools!  

Easy to winterize/start up
These  softside pools  are so tough that they DO NOT have to be taken down in the winter time! You don’t even have to drain ANY water out, which just goes to show how STRONG they are! Don’t waste hundreds of gallons each fall in order to winterize your pool – it will save you TIME & MONEY!

With this  softside pool , you can be 2-3 inches off level and it will not hurt the structure of the pool! There is no other aboveground pool on the market that will allow this, as most pools must be within ¼ inch level all the way across the pool or you could have issues! You can also finish off this style of pool with a partial or full deck to enhance the overall look!

These are just a FEW of the MANY reasons why owning a  Premium SoftSided pool from Aqua Palace  is a fantastic investment! Stop by today or give us a call with any questions! We look forward to assisting you soon!