Pet Safety for Swimming Pools
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Pet Safety for Swimming Pools
April 15/2019

Pools can be great fun for the entire family – including the fluffiest members. Having a pet and a pool can have tremendous benefits. It’s an easy way for your pooch to cool down in hot temperatures and it can provide them with a fantastic method of exercise! Not even counting all the splashing and swimming fun you can have together.

However, as much fun as a backyard pool can be, there are inherent safety concerns that need to be addressed. Take some simple steps to ensure your pet’s safety, and you and your pup can enjoy a summer full of splashing fun. Here are some tips from us to help your pool become pet-friendly:

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Doggy Swimming Lessons
It’s true – not every dog just “knows” how to swim.  Many pet owners may need to give their dogs the opportunity to learn how to swim. Start slow coaxing your pup into the shallow end of the pool with a treat or toy. Get in the pool with them and support their body from underneath as they begin to swim. Let them paddle around a bit and then return them to the steps/poolside. Continue this process until they are comfortable to set out on their own. Keep training sessions short and full of positive reinforcement so your puppy doesn’t get overwhelmed. Knowing your dog can swim in the case of an accidental falling-in will help give you peace of mind.

Life Vests Are Life Savers
Try as they might, some dog breeds just aren’t meant for swimming.  Breeds like Bulldogs, Boxers, Pekingese or Pugs are too dense or legs that are too short to swim properly. Time to invest in a Doggy Life Jacket! They are available at most pet stores and will provide you the added comfort in knowing your dog can join in the pool fun without any of the danger.

Keep An Eye on Fido.
It may be tempting to let them run and play on their own, but when a pool is involved you must NEVER leave your dog unattended. Just like children, it can take only a second for a pool mishap to become disastrous. Make sure pool time is family time and always keep your pup in view. Keep your swimming pool fence closed and locked so there are no accidental entries.

Create an Easy Entry and Exit
Make sure your dog has an simple way, such as a ramp or stairs that they can use to enter and exit the pool with.  Placing a ramp can also be a lifesaver for local squirrels, racoons and even skunks who may find their way into your swimming pool.

Take some time to help your pooch get pool ready and both of you can enjoy a summer full of swimming!