Pool Tip of the Week: Automatically Add Chlorine To Your Pool
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Pool Tip of the Week: Automatically Add Chlorine To Your Pool
March 18/2020

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If your pool has ever turned green, you know how frustrating it can be. Bacteria’s and algae’s will start to form when there is no sanitizer present. This can occur over a long holiday weekend when the swimming pool was used a lot without an adequate amount of additional sanitizer being added to compensate. It can also happen when you've been out of town on vacation for even just a few days. There is an easier way to add your chlorine so that it is regulated better, rather than simply adding your chlorine tabs to your floater or skimmer basket.

What is an Automatic Chlorinator?
Automatic chlorinators can be added to any above ground or inground swimming pools. Adding one of these systems will make your life much easier! These chlorinators are small tubular vessels that hook on to your filter system. You then add your chlorine tabs in this vessel, filling it ¾ of the way up to allow for some water to get in and erode them. During the heat of the season, filling it ¾ of the way up should get you about a weeks worth of sanitizer. This is all depending on the weather, the size of your pool, how often it is used, and how many bathers at a time. These are great if you go on vacation often, as you can throw the tablets in your chlorinator and not have to worry about not having a sanitizer level when you are gone!

Why Your Pool Needs Chlorine!
Keep in mind that bacteria can form within a matter of hours in the heat of the season. All it takes is that one time when you were rushing out of the house to work and forgot to check the swimming pool. It could be clear that morning and green and cloudy by the time you get home. Algae grows at a very rapid pace. The only way to kill the algae that is currently in there is by adding more chlorine, usually a heavier dose than you normally keep in there. You have to get ahead of the bacteria before it continues to multiple or you will continue to chase the problem.

How Does the Automatic Chlorinator Work?
This system will also provide a way to help regulate how much chlorine is being added to the pool, to insure that you are not over spending (and over using) on chlorine. There is a dial that goes from 1-5 and you simply adjust the dial at different times to compensate for cooler or hotter weather and less or more swimmers. This will insure that your swimming pool is always providing adequate amount of chlorine without overloading it. Too much chlorine is dangerous to swim in and will cause you to spend much more on chlorine than you should. We love to save you money! Once you figure out the best number to set your auto chlorinator on, you will be sailing right along with no worries! Imagine that….a pool with no worries! Now that’s amazing!

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