Pros and Cons of Metal Wall Pool vs Premium Soft Side Pool
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Pros and Cons of Metal Wall Pool vs Premium Soft Side Pool
August 24/2020

There are so many different brands of aboveground swimming pools on the market, all with different pro’s and con’s. So how do you choose which pool style is best for YOU?!

We’ve made a quick list of some Pro’s & Con’s of both the Traditional Metal Wall Pools (steel or resin) as well as the Premium Soft Side pools so you can compare!


Pros of Metal Wall Pools:

*Looks a little "prettier" with the designed pattern on the outside

*Available in Round or Oval designs


Cons of Metal Wall Pools:

*Takes a good day to day and a half to assemble with several people helping

*Ground must be within 1/4 inch level

*Pool is meant to set up once and be left - does not set up properly the second time around

*Liners have to be replaced every 3-6 years

*Even our high quality metal wall pools have an estimated life span of 10-12 years before there is alot of rust and corrosion on them and should be replaced

*Storms can damage the top rails, liner and exterior much easier than our soft side option (even small pea sized hail)

*It is not recommended to kick off the side of the pool walls or sit on the top rail of the pools as they are not strong enough to handle that

*Pool water does have to be drained down 8-12 inches to properly winterize

*Winter Covers dip significantly in the middle - wind can easily grab it and pull it off during the winter - not much to secure it to the pool


Pro’s of Premium Soft Side Pools:

 *Sets up within 2-4 hrs with only 2 people

*Ground can be up to 2 inches off level and not harm the structure of the pool (the more level it can be the better of course) 

*Can be taken down if you move and reset back up multiple times if needed

*No liners to replace - ever

*Estimated life span of 15-20 + yrs!  We have several clients with pools that turned 23 years old this year and still kicking like the day they put them in!

*Storms, Wind, Hail doesn't hurt these pools at all - just bounces right off of it 

*You can kick off the pool walls or sit on the top rail without causing any harm to the pool structure

*Pool water does NOT have to be drained at ALL - winterize at the normal water height

*Winter Covers stay on this style of pool much nicer, keeping the pool cleaner and easier to open in the spring with less chemicals required. Covers are tight like a drum and don't sag in the middle, since we don't drain any water out. 

*Available in Round or Rectangle designs


Soft Side Cons: 

The overall "look" of the pool or the assumption that all softside pools are created equally (these are nothing like the Intex or Coleman style of softside pool)

We offer both styles of aboveground pool options, as one style does not always fit every families needs - however, our Premium Soft Side Pools are far more popular if you are looking for the lowest maintenance and the longest life! Please reach out if you have additional questions on the different Aboveground Swimming Pool options that we have available!