Regular Soaking In A Properly Sanitized Hot Tub Can Ward Off Viruses!
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Regular Soaking In A Properly Sanitized Hot Tub Can Ward Off Viruses!
March 20/2020

Viruses come in many shapes and forms and none are very pleasant to deal with. Weather they provide a few hours or several days of aches, pains, fevers, sinus swelling, coughs, or runny noses – they are no fun to deal with. Unfortunately, at this time, we are experiencing a rapidly moving virus, also known as Covid-19 in our country and in many others. Although the CDC and other organizations have not had adequate time to perform testing and provide additional research in regards to Hot Tubs being able to prevent illnesses, here is what we do know so far from the CDC:


“The CDC does not have an opinion on whether soaking in a hot tub will kill the virus in your body (if contracted). But they do confirm that heat, humidity and chlorine or bromine in hot tubs “should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.” Because of this, Coronavirus should not be contractable from a properly-maintained pool or hot tub.”


With this, there is evidence pointing to how hot tubs can help prevent illnesses, when they are properly maintained and sanitized. With a chlorine level at or above 4-5 ppm or a bromine level at or above 6-7 ppm you can be sure that your hot tub is fully sanitized and that there is no bacteria present. These recommend levels are just slightly higher than the normal PHTA recommendations for standard sanitization of swimming pool and hot tub water under normal circumstances.


If you have a personal hot tub in your own backyard, you should feel more confident and comfortable, even with the viruses floating around us because you have an added form of protection on hand! This should be even more of a reason to USE your hot tub every single day or even twice a day; morning and night! The sanitizer level will help to ward off any of the viruses that are on your body, however there have not been any studies performed at this time that show its effectiveness in ridding your body of the COVID-19 virus internally, once you have contracted it – however, we think it is still super beneficial and definitely can’t hurt! The hot water will always feel good to aching joints and muscles, will help to induce a natural “fever” which will help your body internally start to fight off a virus.

This is definitely not the time to slack on proper water maintenance when it comes to your hot tub. It is important to check your hot tub daily to insure that your pH & sanitizer levels are in the proper ranges. If they are not, you will be able to correct them before any major water chemistry problems occur. This will insure the spa is always ready for use when you are ready!

So jump in and take a soak, daily! Stay healthy and don’t forget to wash your hands! 

From our Hot Tub manufacture, Marquis Spas:

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