Salt Water Systems for Aboveground and Inground Pools
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Salt Water Systems for Aboveground & Inground Pools
March 18/2020

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If you have ever wondered if there are any other types of systems out there that you can use other then chlorine on your pool that is located in Omaha, we are here to tell you there is! Salt water systems have been out for many years. There is a lot of misconception out there regarding salt systems and how they work so we are here to clear the air for you so you can make the best decision for your family!

How does it work?
A salt pool is actually pretty simple. The difference between a chlorine pool and a salt pool is simply the equipment that we use to generate the chlorine level. On a traditional chlorine pool you are using chlorine tablets and on a salt pool you are pushing the salt thru the cell of the salt system, which then turns the salt into a pure form of chlorine. Either way, a salt pool is still a chlorine pool. Salt systems can be found on many aboveground and inground pools in the Omaha metro area!

What all do I need?
There is a lot of incorrect information out there regarding what all is required to maintain a salt pool. Some companies promote that all you have to do is install the salt system and add the salt and you are good to go. However, this is incorrect and can cause a lot of issues with the water. You will still use all of the other chemicals that you would on a chlorine system, but some you won’t use as frequently. To put it simply, you just won’t use the chlorine tabs anymore, you will be adding salt as needed. It’s recommended to shock your pool every 1-2 weeks on a salt system, check and adjust your pH as needed, add a clarifier once per week after backwashing the filter and also add your metal control as needed for your water conditions. The things you will need to test for on a salt pool on a regular basis are: chlorine level, pH, cyanuric acid (stabilizer level) and the salt content in the pool.

How will my water be different?
Unlike normal Omaha tap water or a regular chlorine pool, the water will be very salty, just like if you were swimming in the ocean. It is usually a lot softer on your skin and doesn’t tend to dry it out as quickly as standard chlorine does. You will be able to open your eyes more under water without the burning sensation that can occur with a standard chlorine system. The water will not appear any different and should leave no traces of salt residue anywhere on the pool. The water does usually maintain itself at a more constant level and you shouldn’t have the fluctuations of high chlorine and then very low chlorine levels. If you are gone on vacation for a few days, a salt water system can be easier to maintain itself while you are gone then a standard chlorine system.

For a good salt system, you will be looking to spend around $800 - $1200 for an aboveground salt system. Don’t be fooled by the inexpensive imitation salt systems that you can find for under a couple hundred dollars. Unfortunately they do not work and will not produce a high enough level of chlorine to keep your pool clean.

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