There's still plenty of summer left to go swimming in your pool!
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There's still plenty of summer left to go swimming in your pool!
March 18/2020

We get this question a lot! “Can you tell us how long we can use our pool and when summer is going to be over?” Well it all depends on the weather and although we aren't weathermen, we sure do have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to make sure you have the longest summer to enjoy your pool as possible!

Liquid Solar:
This product is added to the water in a small dose each day to help prevent water evaporation and cut down on the amount of fresh water that has to be added back to the pool, which will make the temperature lower. Use this product instead of that bulky solar cover that you have probably previously used for many years. This product has been around for many years and works great with NO mess!

Pool Heaters:
Natural gas or propane heaters are another way to extend your pool season! Normally you can extend the beginning of your season by at least a month as well as an additional month on the end of the season! That’s a lot of extra swimming days! During the summer you shouldn’t need to use it much during a typical year (you will probably be trying to find creative ways to cool down the water at that time instead of warming it up!) With our pool heaters, there is no additional wiring that is needed to install them! They are a millivolt system which means they run off of a standing pilot light! Very simple to install and very easy to use makes for the best way to extend your pool season!

A Typical Season:
A normal pool season for most of our customers starts around the beginning to middle of April and will last thru the middle of October! That’s 6 months of swimming, who isn’t down for that!? Getting the most use of out of your pool is what it’s all about! Without using a pool heater or liquid solar your season will usually only range from the end of May or the first part of June till the end of August or beginning of September. You can change your 2 ½ month swimming season into 6 months with these simple tricks!

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