What You Will Need to Winterize Your Pool
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What You Will Need to Winterize Your Pool
March 18/2020

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Although there is still plenty of time left this summer in Omaha to swim, we know that the kids will be going back to school soon and the nights will begin getting a little cooler. We wanted to give you a head start on what you will need to make sure you have before getting ready to close down your pool this year!

Winter Chemicals:
An important part of closing down your pool properly, so that you don’t have to deal with a swampy pool in the spring is dependent on how we take care of the water at closing time. If there is still debris left in the bottom of the pool, if the chlorine and pH levels are not in the correct ranges, and if there is any bacteria or algae present you will be upping your chances of having a mess on your hands in the spring. Water that is hazy or green is an indication that there is a bacteria that is forming in the water, which will need to be treated and taken care of before the winter chemicals are added. Winter kits have all of the needed items in them that you will need, once all of your levels are correct and the pool has been vacuumed one last time. These kits usually consist of a special winter algaecide blend, a metal control to prevent staining and hard water deposits as well as a non chlorine shock. It is recommended to add these chemicals and let them circulate for 12-24 hrs before disconnecting your pump and filter system. If you are already to that point and have the filter system disconnected, these products are safe to add with no circulation if needed.

Winter Plugs:
Depending on the type of pool that you have, winter plugs will normally be required when closing down your pool. In Omaha, the temperatures in the winter drop considerably and we sit in our houses starring out at the pool covered with snow while sipping on some hot chocolate. If winter plugs are not used in the wall fittings such as the skimmer and return lines, freeze damage can occur during the winter months which can put your pool liner and structure at risk for serious damage. Please contact us with your specific pool size and model and we can help to determine what items might be needed to properly close down your pool!

Winter Cover:
Last but not least, one of the most important parts of closing the pool down properly would be to attach a winter cover. This cover not only prevents debris (big and small) from entering the pool water which will cause bacteria to form, but keeps light out of the pool so that bacteria cannot form. Without a cover, damage can occur to your liner and or bladder of your pool. This damage could be irreversible and may require a full liner change or pool replacement. This could be a very costly repair due to neglect if a cover has not been secured for the long winter months.

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