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Custom Concrete Pools - Shotcrete

A shotcrete pool is a pool shell formed by spraying, at a high velocity and pressure, a ready-made mixture of cement and water that has been prepared by the manufacturer.


In shotcrete, a skilled worker is required, but the outcome is incredible!
Because shotcrete is a premixed mixture, it forms a strong and consistent coating and takes less time requirements than Gunite concrete pools.

We have made the educated decision to use shotcrete for all of our pool shells and we have never looked back. Shotcrete has proved to serve us and our clients extremely well. The certainty and reliability of employing wet concrete mixed to our exact specifications in a factory-controlled environment, and then trucked directly to the pool site, ensures that every last inch of our shotcrete pool is built with the strength and integrity we promise our clients. We are proud to stand behind our chosen pool-building process. And we are comforted daily knowing that our clients will still be enjoying the pool shell we built for them 30 years from now, and beyond.


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